How Personal Loans Outperform Bankruptcy and Credit Counseling Services

How Personal Loans Outperform Bankruptcy and Credit Counseling Services

Holly Bentz

Not all personal financial remedies are for everyone. Reviewing and understanding how the various credit and debt solutions vary, can help you fine tune your resources. Before you commit financial suicide, have you evaluated whether or not a personal loan is better than debt consolidation or filing a bankruptcy?

Did you know that certain non-for profit credit agencies are hired by creditors? They profit with a kick back from the credit card company when consumers use their repayment programs. On the other hand, certain debt consolidation companies charge excessive service fees for negotiating a rate a consumer could do for themselves.

The differences between debt consolidation management, personal loans and bankruptcies all differ in their scope of benefits and drawbacks. Review the following information to learn why personal loans outperform other financial options.

Home Equity Line of Credit or a Second Mortgage

Advantage: It offers a great benefit because a consumer may be able to reduce the cost of credit by consolidating their debt with a home equity loan. There are specific tax advantages with a second mortgage that are not associated with other personal loans.

Drawback: A second mortgage may be risky if the borrower is late on payments. It can result in the loss of a home since home equities require the property as collateral. Another disadvantage are the points (1 percent of the borrowed amount) paid on the interest

Credit Counseling and Debt Management Services

Advantage: Organizations who offer debt solutions during uncontrollable makes sense – theoretically.

Drawback: A number of businesses extend credit and debt counseling management, charge exorbitant fees. Even more worrisome, they neglect to provide the services they promise. Certain debt consolidation programs fail to disclose certain costs or articulate important terms; such as the borrower is signing away their home as collateral. Another important negative aspect of certain credit counseling agencies is the failure to explain that the debt program is really a Chapter 13.


Not the best choice, personal bankruptcy is deemed an aspect of debt management. In theory, it should always be the last option. There are many intricacies of a bankruptcy not often disclosed. Primarily, there are two types of bankruptcies: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. A Chapter 7 – or a straight bankruptcy entails complete liquidation of all assets exempt in the state. Certain property can be passed over to creditors or even sold by court-appointed authorities. Chapter 7s may be filed every six

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years, only. Chapters 13s authorize the debtor to keep housing property. During a 3-5 year period, the reorganization allows the indebted to pay a default opposed to relinquishing property.

Advantage: The underlying advantage of a bankruptcy it offers a clean slate or fresh start for the consumer who is unable to meet their financial obligations. Both types of bankruptcies (Chapter 13 and Chapter 7) can clear any unsecured debts. Moreover, they both can cease debt collection activities, garnishments, foreclosures, repossessions and shut-off utilities. Both types of bankruptcy feature exemptions which enable the indebted to keep certain assets; however, from state to state exemption amounts vary widely.

And unless you have an acceptable plan to catch up on your debt under Chapter 13, bankruptcy usually does not allow you to keep property when your creditor has an unpaid mortgage or lien on it.

Drawback: The downside of a bankruptcy is how it tarnishes an individual�s credit report for ten years. The blotch prevents acquiring financing or credit challenging. As a result, seeking employment, the purchase of a new home or even life insurance may impair the ease of approval. Additionally, filing a personal bankruptcy will not eradicate other financial responsibilities: alimony, child support, taxes, student loans, and fines.

Personal Loan

A way to consolidate all debts into one bill is with an easy debt-free loan.

Advantage: There is a wealth of personal loans on the market. Finding a loan with ordinary terms and a reasonable interest rate can cure all financial woes in one solution.

Drawback: There really aren�t any drawbacks with a personal loan. As along as a consumer devises a budget and researches the best personal loan to fill their monetary needs.

All across American companies prey on the financial depravity of consumers. As long as the indebted thoroughly analyze all of their debt and lending options, they can avoid the perils of the predatory organization. Compared with the other choices bankruptcy and debt consolidation, personal loans outperform all financial options. Since it offers complete control to the consumer, it diminishes the risk of eternal debt.

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