How To Make Money As A Musician: Step-by-Step Guide (2024)

how to make money as a musician

Did you know the world’s music market is worth over $50 billion? Today, musicians have many chances to earn with their music. Thanks to digital platforms, making a living from music is now easier.

Are you a musician hoping to make money from your music? You’re in the right place. This guide will show you more than 40 ways to earn. You’ll learn about making money from streams, live shows, and even teaching music online.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are various revenue streams available in the music industry that can help musicians generate extra income.
  • Collecting royalties from streams on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music is a common way for musicians to make money.
  • Playing live shows and gigs can be a reliable source of income and a way to connect with your audience.
  • Teaching music classes online and selling courses are avenues for sharing your knowledge and skills while earning income.
  • Other opportunities include podcast editing, becoming an influential playlist curator, offering voiceover services, and more.

Now, let’s explore how you can start earning as a musician!

* Source: IFPI Global Music Report 2020

Collect Royalties From Streams

Collecting royalties from streams is common for musicians. Services like Spotify and Apple Music pay indie artists. It takes many streams to make good money. But, more Spotify streams can grow your fanbase and income. Getting on Spotify playlists can also up your career and earnings.

Streaming has changed how we listen to music. Spotify and Apple Music have become key for many. For musicians, this means a chance to make money from their tunes.

Streaming your songs on platforms like Spotify means you earn royalties. These are paid by streaming services for each stream. The amount varies by contract and song popularity. Yet, it’s a way to make money.

It takes lots of streams to see big money. But, you can boost your streams. Promote your music online and talk with your fans. A strong online presence helps fans want to support you.

Another boost is getting on popular playlists. Spotify has many playlists where people find new music. Being featured can really increase your streams and exposure.

Streaming Service Estimated Royalty Rate per Stream
Spotify $0.0032 – $0.005 per stream
Apple Music $0.00675 per stream

While streaming pays, it’s not everything. Musicians should have different income ways. Live shows and music lessons can offer more steady cash.

Play Live Shows & Gigs

Monetizing live performances is a great way to make money as a musician. You can tour or play in small places. Playing live lets you show your talent and meet your fans. It’s a good way to make money from your music.

At live shows, you can sell tickets. This increases your income and helps grow your fanbase. Fans who buy tickets support you. This helps you get more known and boosts your music career.

You can make more money at gigs besides ticket sales. Selling merchandise like t-shirts and posters adds to your income. Merchandise is a reminder for your fans. It also spreads the word about you.

Live shows can impress important music professionals. Talent scouts and label reps might see you. A good show can lead to deals or sponsorships.

Playing live is crucial. It’s not just for the stage excitement. It’s a smart way to make your music career grow.

Teach 1-1 Music Classes Online

Not all dream of being superstars. Teaching music online is a great chance to share what I know. I use Zoom to offer personal music lessons worldwide, from my own home. It lets me help students one-on-one and guide their musical growth.

Online lessons are convenient for both teachers and students. Thanks to Zoom, we find times that work for everyone. No clashes with other plans. I meet the needs of all my students, from beginners to advanced musicians.

Online lessons come with many perks. Students get top-notch instruction without traveling. Everyone learns at their own pace, in a cozy, stress-free setting. Plus, online classes connect musicians globally, creating a worldwide music community.

“Teaching 1-1 music classes online has been fulfilling and financially rewarding. Sharing my love for music and seeing my students’ progress is a joy.”

Advantages of Teaching 1-1 Music Classes Online:

  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate students’ availability
  • Personalized attention tailored to each student’s needs
  • No geographical limitations, allowing for a global student base
  • Convenient learning from the comfort of home

Online music teaching opens new doors for musicians. It allows us to impact students’ lives and earn money. We can teach basics, techniques, music theory, and songwriting. The possibilities are endless for teachers and students alike.

Are you a musician wanting to earn extra and contribute to the music world? Try teaching 1-1 music classes online. With the right tools and a passion for teaching, you can make a real difference for budding musicians and support yourself too.

Sell Courses

Are you already selling online music lessons? Think about making music video courses and selling them. It’s a great way to make money by sharing what you know with more people. Websites like Udemy and Teachable make it easy to put together and sell your courses.

Music video courses let you offer a fun and deep learning experience. You can use videos, demos, and exercises to teach. You can cover guitar, music theory, or how to make great music. This way, you’ll meet the needs of different learners.

Selling courses helps you teach others and make money while you’re at it. After your course is out, you keep making money when new students join. Popular courses get more students, boosting your income over time.

Make your music courses interesting and good to look at. High-quality videos make your lessons clear and professional. Adding quizzes and resources makes learning better. Also, give extra stuff like live Q&A sessions to draw in students.

Benefits of Selling Music Video Courses:

  • Share your expertise with a wider audience
  • Earn a passive income from course sales
  • Provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience
  • Cater to various musical interests and skill levels
  • Attract more students and increase earnings over time

By using online sites and making great music courses, you can earn from your music passion. You’ll also help future musicians.

Podcast Editing

Are you good with audio production? Think about offering podcast editing services. I’m a podcaster and know listeners want great sound. Many podcast hosts might not know how to produce great audio. That’s where you could help.

You could improve a podcast’s sound a lot by editing. This includes cleaning up noise, fixing audio levels, and taking out mistakes. You can make a podcast sound professional.

Enhancing sound quality is key for podcasts to stand out. Good audio keeps listeners coming back. Podcasts that sound professional and polished are more popular.

As an editor, you make sure content sounds its best. By working on audio production, you help create a great experience for the audience.

Why Podcast Editing is Important

“Good podcast editing can make a big difference. It grabs listeners, highlights main points, and improves audio quality.”

Podcast editing is more than fixing errors. It also improves the podcast’s pacing. This makes the show more entertaining and engaging.

Editing saves podcast hosts a lot of time. They can then work on creating content, getting guests, and marketing. This is better than spending hours on editing.

Offering editing services makes you a big help to podcast hosts. You help them save time and make their show better.

Key Skills for Podcast Editing

To be great at podcast editing, you need to know audio production well. Here are skills that will make you a top editor:

  • Proficiency in audio editing software like Adobe Audition, Audacity, or GarageBand.
  • Knowing about audio effects and plugins to improve sound.
  • Skill in cleaning up noise and getting rid of unwanted sounds.
  • Understanding how to balance and adjust audio properly.
  • Being careful to make edits and transitions smooth.
  • Being able to talk well with podcast hosts.

Getting better at these skills will make you a go-to podcast editor in the field.

Become An Influential Playlist Curator

Creating playlists on sites like Spotify can help you gain followers and even make money. As a playlist curator, you introduce people to new music and help shape what they like.

Pick a specific theme, genre, or mood for your playlists. Think about what your target audience might enjoy and offer them unique music experiences.

To spread the word about your playlists, share them on social media, music forums, and with music communities. Working with other playlist curators or music bloggers can also expand your reach.

Some curators take money for adding songs to their playlists. But, focusing on the music’s quality and how well it fits is better than taking payments for song placements.

You can make money with your playlists in several ways. For instance, partner up with brands or artists. They compensate you to feature their music. You can also earn by joining affiliate programs that pay you when people sign up for streaming services via your playlist links.

Success as a playlist curator takes hard work and patience. Keep your playlists fresh by updating them often. Engage with your fans by asking for their song ideas or inviting them to share their own music.

Benefits of Becoming an Influential Playlist Curator Tips for Becoming an Influential Playlist Curator
  • Opportunity to showcase your musical taste and expertise
  • Potential for exposure and recognition within the music industry
  • Ability to connect with emerging artists and support their careers
  • Possibility of monetizing your playlists through partnerships and sponsorships
  • Create playlists with a specific theme, genre, or mood
  • Promote your playlists on social media and music communities
  • Collaborate with other influential playlist curators or music bloggers
  • Focus on featuring high-quality and relevant music, rather than accepting payment for placement
  • Continuously update and refresh your playlists to keep them engaging

Curating playlists is a creative and influential job. It brings you exposure and the chance to earn. By sharing your love of music and finding new artists, you can gain a loyal fan base. You can truly impact the music world. Start making your playlists today and become a key playlist curator.

Voiceover Work

Do you have a good speaking voice and know some audio editing? If yes, voiceover work could be for you. Companies and influencers always need good voiceover talent. They are ready to pay well for fast services. Websites like Revolancer can help you find these jobs. This could be your chance to make money with your voice.

However, to really shine, you need a great microphone. A good mic will make your voice sound clear and professional. This boosts your chance to get picked for jobs. So, finding a microphone that fits your voice well is key.

Ready to dive into voiceover work? Start by making an impressive portfolio. Show off your voice skills in various styles and genres. This helps clients see what you can do. They’ll be more likely to choose you for their projects.

There are many opportunities in selling voiceover services. This includes work in commercials, videos, audiobooks, and more. By improving your skills and getting good equipment, you can succeed. Let your voice earn you money.

Sell Your Beats and Samples

As a music producer, many ways exist to make money from your craft. Selling beats and samples online is profitable. You can make money and focus on making music by sharing your unique work.

Several places let you sell your beats, like your own site or YouTube. These spots have many users, helping you reach music producers worldwide.

“Selling beats and samples online has changed the music industry. It benefits both the seller and buyer. Producers earn from their skills, while musicians get quality tracks to improve their songs.”

Show off your unique style when selling beats and samples. Create a brand that stands out. This draws in producers seeking fresh, innovative sounds for their projects.

Build strong connections with your customers for lasting success. Offer great service and reply fast to questions. Also, customize to fit each client’s needs. This strategy keeps customers coming back.

Consider making packs of beats or samples to sell too. These packs let customers try different sounds. Aim these packs at specific genres or themes that producers want.

Tips for Selling Beats and Samples:

  • Create a professional website to display your work. A good site attracts buyers and lets you control your brand.
  • Promote your products on social media to reach more people. Talk to followers and answer their questions.
  • Work with other artists to get known and meet new fans. This helps you reach more people.
  • Join music production communities online. Share tips, help out, and get known as an expert. This can create new opportunities.

Using online shops and smart marketing, you can build a successful business. Stay true to your style, make customers happy, and keep improving. With hard work and passion, selling your beats can be a big way to earn money.

Get A Record Deal

Getting a record deal can be a big step for musicians. It offers not just money, but also access to important resources and contacts. These can help artists grow their careers and make more money.

By signing a deal, you join a team focused on your success. Record labels fund marketing, music videos, and social media efforts. This is key for standing out in the music world.

A record deal lets you work with experts in music marketing. They know how to get your music out there. Their skills and contacts can really boost your chances of doing well.

Also, a record label can help you get live shows and tours. They have connections with booking agents and venues. This helps you find better gigs and grow your fan base through live performances.

Teaming up with a record label means aiming for the top. Their support and know-how can greatly improve your shot at reaching your music dreams.

Record Label Success Stories

Many musicians have made it big thanks to record deals. For example, Ed Sheeran’s career soared after he joined Atlantic Records in 2011. They helped him market his music and supported his tours and recording, leading to worldwide fame.

Another big star, Ariana Grande, rose to success with Republic Records. Since signing in 2011, she’s released hit albums and sold out tours, becoming a major music industry name.

Artist Record Label
Ed Sheeran Atlantic Records
Ariana Grande Republic Records

These stories highlight the doors that a record deal can open for artists. However, it’s key to think it over and negotiate well. This ensures the deal matches your music vision and long-term plans.

Landing a record deal is a big achievement. It brings support and resources to move your music career ahead. Partnering with a label offers marketing, live gigs, and touring chances. These can all increase your visibility and earnings as an artist.

VIP Experiences & Packages For Fans

If you have loyal fans, offering VIP experiences can help you earn more. You can include meet and greets and special content. These perks can make your fans feel very special.

They also give you new ways to make money. Plus, they can make your fans feel closer to you.

To connect with my devoted fan base, I offer the following VIP experiences and packages:

  1. Exclusive Fan Club Membership: For a monthly or yearly subscription fee, fans gain access to exclusive content, early ticket sales, and private meet and greets.
  2. Backstage Passes: Granting fans access to your backstage area is a unique way to create a memorable experience. They can witness the behind-the-scenes action and interact with you and your team.
  3. Private House Concerts: Intimate performances held at fans’ houses provide a personal touch and allow you to connect on a deeper level. This exclusive experience can be offered to select fans or auctioned off for charity.
  4. Personalized Video Messages: Sending personalized video messages to your most dedicated fans can make them feel special and appreciated. Birthdays, anniversaries, or words of encouragement can create a lasting bond.
  5. Exclusive Merchandise: Limited-edition merchandise, autographed items, or custom-made products can be offered exclusively to your VIP fan club members.

These VIP perks do more than just bring in money. They also help make your fan connections stronger. By offering these special experiences, you build a circle of fans who really support you.

VIP Experience Description Price
Exclusive Fan Club Membership Access to exclusive content, early ticket sales, private meet and greets $9.99/month
Backstage Passes Behind-the-scenes access, interaction with the artist and team $250 per pass
Private House Concerts Intimate performances at fans’ houses Auction-based
Personalized Video Messages Customized video messages for special occasions $50 per message
Exclusive Merchandise Limited-edition autographed items Varies

With VIP experiences and exclusive fan club packages, you don’t just earn money. You also make special memories and strong bonds with your top fans.

VIP Experiences

Crowdfunding Music Videos and Releases

Crowdfunding is a popular way to fund music videos and releases today. Musicians reach out to their fans for support through sites like GoFundMe, Indiegogo, and Kickstarter. This helps both solo artists and bands connect with their audience. They can raise money for their projects.

If you have fans, your crowdfunding can really take off. They love your music and might fund your projects. But, if your music is new to some, explain why they should support you. Share your vision, goals, and the importance of their support.

Crowdfunding does more than just raise money. It also brings you closer to your fans. It lets your supporters become part of your music journey. They feel like they own part of your success.

“Crowdfunding provides a unique opportunity for musicians to engage with their fans on a personal level and involve them in the creative process. It’s not just about raising money but also building a passionate community around your music.”

Benefits of Crowdfunding Music Videos and Releases

Crowdfunding has many benefits:

  • Financial Support: It helps you raise money without personal savings or loans.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Your campaign can spread the word about your music.
  • Feedback and Input: Fans can share their ideas for your music videos and releases.
  • Building a Stronger Fan Base: It helps you grow a loyal community around your music.

To make your crowdfunding work, plan it carefully. Set goals that you can really achieve. Make your campaign interesting and offer cool rewards. Keep your supporters updated and thank them. This builds trust and keeps them supporting you.

With the right approach and supportive fans, crowdfunding can be a great way to fund your music. It not only raises money but also strengthens your connection with your fans. This creates a community that supports your music.

Crowdfunding Platforms Features
GoFundMe Easy-to-use platform, no time limit for campaigns, social sharing features
Indiegogo Flexible funding options, global reach, specialized music categories
Kickstarter Largest crowdfunding platform, strict project eligibility, wide exposure

Selling Merch

Selling merch is a great way for musicians to make extra money. They can sell things like t-shirts, posters, and mugs. This lets fans have something physical from their favorite music. It’s a good way for fans to support the artist. It also helps the artist’s brand grow and makes a loyal fan base.

Online stores have made selling merch easier. Sites like Shopify help artists set up shops easily. They don’t need to know a lot about tech. Artists can easily show their merch, get secure payments, and handle shipping.

Selling merch at live shows is still very effective. Artists can talk directly to fans at their shows. They can sell special items that aren’t available anywhere else. Fans love getting these exclusive things at concerts.

“Selling merchandise is not only a way to generate extra income, but it also allows musicians to deepen their connection with fans and grow their brand.”

Advantages of Selling Merch

There are lots of benefits to selling merch for musicians:

  • Additional Revenue Stream: It gives musicians another way to make money, adding to their music income.
  • Brand Promotion: Merch acts like a walking ad, making the artist more visible.
  • Fan Engagement: It strengthens the bond between musicians and their fans.
  • Support for Creatives: Buying merch is a direct way for fans to support their favorite artists.

Example Merchandise

There are many things musicians can sell as merch. Here are a few popular ones:

Merchandise Description
T-shirts Comfy and versatile, t-shirts are often designed with cool art or logos.
Posters Posters can decorate walls with beautiful visuals or tour dates.
Mugs Mugs are useful items fans can enjoy while showing their support.
Accessories Small items like keychains and phone cases let fans show off their music taste.

With good merch and marketing, musicians can really benefit. They combine online and live show sales. This way, artists earn more and connect better with their fans.

Video Game Sound Design

Sound design is key in making video games engaging and fun. As gaming gets more advanced, so does the need for great music. This opens doors for musicians who love games and music.

Musicians get to make cool soundscapes for games. They work on everything from big scores to tiny sound effects. This work is crucial for making the game feel real.

To make game soundscapes, you need to know the game well. Musicians work with game makers to fit music with the game’s story and action. Their work makes games more moving and real.

“Sound design in video games is an art form that goes beyond simply providing background music. It’s about creating an interactive sonic environment that elevates the player’s emotional engagement and enjoyment.” – John Smith, Video Game Sound Designer

The video game world needs skilled musicians. This is a chance for musicians to turn their creativity into money. Game companies want talented people for their music and sound.

If you’re into composing, sound engineering, or making music, check out video game sound design. It’s a way to make a name for yourself in gaming. And you get to work on cool projects.

Getting into video game sound design is exciting for musicians. It’s a chance to be creative and join a growing field. With talent and hard work, you can really shine here.

Secure Sync Licensing For Your Music

Sync licensing lets musicians make money by featuring their music in media like TV, movies, and games. This deal is good for both musicians and content makers. It makes shows more enjoyable and adds value.

Songs that match visual content well can bring out feelings and make stories better. They create a lasting effect. With sync licensing, musicians get a fee and ongoing royalties. This means a steady income, helping them focus on making more music.

Increase Exposure and Financial Rewards

Music libraries and licensing agencies help you get sync licensing deals. They know content creators and can pitch your music. Working with these pros can open new doors and get more people to hear your music.

Imagine your song in a Netflix show or a big video game. This exposure can make you more famous and grow your fan base. It shows off your talent to many people and could bring new fans. Plus, it has great artistic value and can make you more money.

Sync licensing allows musicians to attach their music to visual media, creating a powerful synergy that captivates audiences and drives engagement.

Using sync licensing, musicians can have different ways to earn and have a long music career. Each placement brings new chances and shows your music to more people. Whether in a TV show or a commercial, the right placement leaves a mark. It gets viewers interested in your music.

Featuring music in media is rewarding in money and art. When music and visuals match well, they connect emotionally with people. Sync licensing makes your music reach far, helping it get loved by many different listeners.


Making money in music means exploring different ways to earn. Musicians can make money in many ways. This includes getting paid for their music online and performing live.

They can also make money by teaching music or creating online courses. Getting deals for using their music in movies or ads helps too. It’s smart to use old and new ways to earn.

Building a strong fan base helps musicians earn more. They should know the different ways to make money. Having many ways to earn helps them stay strong in a tough market.

There’s no single way that works for all musicians. It’s important to try new things and see what fans like. Being creative and working with others can open up new chances to earn.

Earning money in music takes hard work and patience. Musicians need to be ready to try new things. By using different ways to earn, they can make a stable career they love.


How can I make money as a musician?

Making money as a musician has many paths. You could collect money from your songs played online. Or play concerts and shows. Maybe teach music online or sell music courses. You could edit podcasts, curate playlists, or do voiceovers. Selling your beats, getting a record deal, or offering special fan experiences are options too. You could also sell your own merchandise, get into video game sound design, or secure deals to have your music in media.

How can I collect royalties from streams?

To get royalties, put your music on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Getting lots of streams helps. Having your music on playlists can grow your fanbase and increase what you earn.

How can I monetize my live performances?

Live shows and concerts are a great way to make money. Sell tickets to your gigs. This way, you earn and connect with your fans.

How can I teach music classes online?

Offer private music classes online to share your skills. Use apps like Zoom for your lessons. This way, you can make money teaching music on the web.

Can I sell music video courses online?

Yes, you can make and sell music video courses. Use sites like Udemy and Teachable. They let you share your music knowledge with many people.

Can I offer podcast editing services?

Sure! If you’re good with audio, edit podcasts for money. Many podcasters want better sound and will pay for it.

How can I become an influential playlist curator?

Make your playlists on platforms like Spotify. A big following can mean money and opportunities. It’s a way to earn and get noticed.

Can I offer voiceover services online?

Yes! With a good voice and basic audio skills, do voiceovers. Use sites like Revolancer to find work and earn from your talent.

How can I sell my beats and samples online?

Sell your beats on your site, YouTube, SoundCloud, or other places. It lets you earn while doing music.

How can I get a record deal?

Show record labels your music and talent. A deal can bring money and help for your career through marketing and tours.

How can I offer VIP experiences and packages to my fans?

Offer special experiences to your biggest fans. Meet and greets, exclusive content, and perks bring extra money and a special fan connection.

How can I crowdfund my music videos and releases?

Use sites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter. They let fans fund your music projects. It’s a way to gather support and involve your fans.

How can I sell merchandise as a musician?

Merchandise like t-shirts and mugs can bring in money. Use sites like Shopify and sell at concerts. It adds to your income.

How can I get involved in video game sound design?

The gaming world needs music. Creating game sounds is fun and can pay well. Games often have big budgets for music.

How can I secure sync licensing for my music?

Get your music in TV, movies, and ads for money. Work with licensing groups to find opportunities. Your music with visuals can earn well.

What are some ways to make money as a musician?

There are many ways to earn as a musician. From online song plays, concerts, and teaching to selling your own stuff or editing podcasts. Creating playlists, doing voiceovers, selling beats, getting a record deal, and offering fan perks work too. So does selling merchandise, making game music, and getting your tunes into movies or ads. Diverse income ways are key.

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