How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos: Step-by-Step Guide (2024)

how to make money on youtube without making videos

You might be surprised that you can earn from YouTube without making videos yourself. This is indeed true. There are various ways to make your YouTube channel profitable without needing to film. Whether it’s a side hustle or a main source of income you’re after, YouTube offers great possibilities.

Are you interested in learning how to earn from YouTube without producing videos? This guide will show you how. I’ll take you through various methods to monetize your channel. From content curation to blogging and exploring other content ideas, we’ve got lots of options for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are multiple ways to make money on YouTube without creating your own videos, including curating content, starting a blog, and posting alternative content.
  • Consider investing in Google shares as an indirect way to benefit from YouTube’s success.
  • Advertising with YouTube ads and joining the YouTube Partner Program are direct ways to monetize your channel.
  • Becoming a YouTube consultant and signing up for market research programs like Nielsen can provide additional revenue sources.
  • Selling merchandise and using affiliate marketing are popular methods for generating income on YouTube.

12 Ways to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos

Want to make money on YouTube but don’t want to make videos? You’re in luck! There are many ways to earn passive income and make money with your YouTube channel. You won’t even have to make your own videos. Here are 12 effective ways to get you started towards financial success on YouTube:

1. Posting Work From Other Content Creators

Love a topic but don’t want to make videos? You can share others’ content on your channel. Make sure to get the right permissions or use videos with Creative Commons licenses. This way, you can attract viewers and make money through ads and sponsorships.

2. Starting a Blog

Start a blog to go with your YouTube channel. Use platforms like WordPress to create your blog for free. Write engaging posts and include your YouTube videos or those from others. This can bring more people to your blog, where you can make money through ads and other ways.

3. Posting Alternative Content

Think outside the box with content like audio files and slides. You could have a podcast channel and upload audio with cool graphics. This can draw in subscribers and open up new ad opportunities.

4. Investing in Google Shares

Interested in the money side of YouTube? Think about investing in Google shares. Since Google owns YouTube, their success could mean more money for you. Over time, this could turn into profits.

5. Advertising with YouTube Ads

Use YouTube’s ads to promote your business and earn money. Create ads that target the right viewers. This can help more people find out about what you offer. You can also work with brands that fit your channel’s theme to make even more money.

6. Becoming a YouTube Consultant

Know a lot about YouTube and marketing? Offer your services as a YouTube consultant. Help others grow their channels, optimize their videos, and understand their analytics. You can make money by offering your expert advice.

7. Signing Up for Nielsen

Join Nielsen’s YouTube program if you’re making content. You’ll help with audience research and get paid for it. This is another way to make money with your YouTube channel.

8. Buying a YouTube Channel

Don’t want to start a channel from zero? Buy one that’s already going. You can find channels for sale online that fit your interests. This skips the early growing pains and moves straight to making money.

9. Selling Merchandise

Many YouTubers make money by selling branded items. Think t-shirts, mugs, or other products related to your channel. Use your channel to promote your merchandise and make sales. Working with affiliates can boost your earnings too.

10. Using Affiliate Marketing

Earn commissions by promoting others’ products as an affiliate. Join affiliate programs and share your special links. When someone buys through your link, you get a piece of the sale. It’s a great way to make money by recommending items your audience will love.

11. Joining the YouTube Partner Program

Want a direct way to make money with your videos? Try joining the YouTube Partner Program. You need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. Once in, you can make money through various features, providing a steady income.

12. Collaboration and Networking

Work with other creators to find new ways to make money. This can increase your channel’s visibility and bring new sponsorships. Teaming up can lead to more money and fun opportunities.

These methods let you make money on YouTube without making your own videos. Find the right mix of strategies for your interests and audience. Then, start building your passive income stream on YouTube today!

How to Set Up a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is simple and free. It lets you make money and build an income. Follow these steps to begin:

  1. Register for a YouTube Account: First, you need a YouTube account. If you have a Google account, you can use that to sign in.
  2. Choose a Niche: Pick what your channel will be about. Choose something you love and will interest others.
  3. Pick a Catchy Name: Choose a name that people will remember. It should show what your videos are about.
  4. Create a YouTube Account: After picking your niche and name, make your account. Fill in the details and agree to the terms.
  5. Personal or Brand Account: Decide if you want a personal or brand account. Brand accounts are better for business and let more people manage your channel.
  6. Optimize Your Channel: Make your channel look good with a profile picture and banner. Write a description so viewers know what to expect.
  7. Upload Videos: Start posting videos. Make them easy to find with captions, tags, and great thumbnails. This attracts more viewers.

Starting a YouTube channel is just the start. Keep making great videos and talk to your viewers. This helps build a channel that makes money. With hard work and smart choices, you can earn from what you love to do.

Posting Work From Other Content Creators

Making money on YouTube can be easy even if you don’t make your own videos. You can post other creators’ work. This means you take content from others, with their okay or use videos that anyone can share, called Creative Commons. This way, you give your viewers great stuff to watch and make money too.

By picking content from all over YouTube, you show your audience lots of different topics and styles. Choosing videos that your viewers will like helps bring in people who are interested in those topics.

“By aggregating content, you can attract viewers interested in what you’re sharing and potentially earn revenue through ads and sponsorships.”

Remember to always ask the original video maker before using their work. This keeps you out of trouble with copyright laws. It also helps you make friends in the YouTube world.

You can make money from your channel with ads and finding sponsors. As more people watch your videos, you might get to work with brands that fit with what your channel is about. This can mean special deals or ads that help you earn more.

Sharing others’ videos is more than a way to make money. It’s about bringing people together and sharing different kinds of talent. It gives your viewers more interesting and useful videos to watch.

Start a Blog

Want to make more money from your YouTube channel? Start a blog. It’s a great way to reach more people and earn more through different ways. Here are some tips to start a blog and make it work with your YouTube.

First, set up a free blog on WordPress. It’s easy and you don’t need to know a lot of tech stuff. Pick a name for your blog that fits your YouTube channel. This helps people find and recognize your content easily.

After setting up your blog, put your YouTube videos in your blog posts. This mixes up videos and articles for your viewers. It makes people stay longer on your blog, helping your blog’s search ranking.

To get more people to read your blog, write good blog posts. Your posts should be fun, useful, and match your YouTube channel’s topic. Use important keywords in your posts to show up better in search results.

Make your blog easier to find by using special tags and optimizing headings. Using image tags helps too. These steps help your blog rank higher in search engine results.

Now, let’s talk about making money with your blog. You can show ads on your blog. With platforms like Google AdSense, you get money when someone clicks an ad on your blog.

Besides ads, you can post sponsored content. Team up with brands that fit your blog and make paid posts. Use product reviews or tutorials. Always follow FTC guidelines when you post sponsored content.

Affiliate marketing is another way to earn. Join affiliate programs that match your topic and promote their products in your posts. You get a commission if someone buys through your link. Be clear about your affiliate links to be honest with your readers.

To do well in affiliate marketing, build trust. Share true reviews, useful advice, and good content. This will make your readers trust you more and they may buy more.

Keep your blog updated regularly to keep people interested. Share your blog on social media and work with other bloggers to get more readers. Using both a blog and YouTube can help you make more money and reach more people.

“Starting a blog allows you to diversify your income streams and create a comprehensive online presence.”

Use tools like Google Analytics to see how your blog is doing. This tells you what works, so you can make smarter choices to grow your blog and earn more.

Monetization Methods for Your Blog

Monetization Method Description
Display Ads Earn money by displaying targeted ads on your blog. Each click generates revenue.
Sponsored Content Create sponsored blog posts in collaboration with brands or companies. Provide product reviews, tutorials, or other promotional content.
Affiliate Marketing Join affiliate programs and promote their products or services within your blog posts. Earn a commission for each sale.

Starting a blog is a smart move to grow online and make more money. Create great content, make your blog easy to find, and use different ways to make money. This will help you get the most from your blog and YouTube.

Post Alternative Content

YouTube isn’t just for video content. You can also post different kinds of content. This can help you make more money and find new advertising chances. By adding variety to your content, you can draw in more people. Plus, you’ll have new ways to make money.

Posting audio files is one way to offer something different on YouTube. Let’s say you have a podcast. You can make a channel just for your podcast episodes. Upload the audio with a cool visual, like your logo or an image linked to the topic. This way, you reach more people and get subscribers who like listening to audio on YouTube.

You can also try posting album compilations on YouTube. If you’re into music or work with artists, make compilations of their songs. It’s a great way to show off their music. Plus, it looks good and is easy for viewers. This could lead to more viewers and ads, which means more money.

Another idea is to use slide decks for educational content. This is perfect for businesses or tutors offering online classes. Put together audio talks and PowerPoint slides. This is a great way to share knowledge. Uploading these to YouTube lets you reach lots of people. It might even help you make money from your teaching content.

In short, trying out new content types on YouTube, like audio, album compilations, and slides, can open up more ways to make money. You’ll also meet new viewers. Adding these to your YouTube plan can mix things up. It attracts people who want to see different kinds of content.

Invest in Google Shares

Looking for a way to earn money from YouTube indirectly? Consider buying Google shares. Google owns YouTube and sells shares on the stock market. By investing in Google, you can gain from the company’s growth and various income sources.

If you create content for YouTube, you know its potential to make money. Investing in Google lets you partly own YouTube’s parent company. This means you can earn from the platform’s income, too.

The value of Google shares may go up as YouTube gets bigger and reaches more people. Buying Google shares now could mean you’ll make money from YouTube’s success later.

Investing in Google shares means you might make money as YouTube succeeds.

Remember, buying stocks is risky, and share prices change. You should research and maybe talk to a financial advisor. Make choices that fit your money goals and how much risk you can take.

The Benefits of Investing in Google Shares

There are good things about buying Google shares:

  • Potential for Growth: YouTube’s growth can increase Google’s value. This may lead to higher share prices and profits.
  • Dividends: Google might give dividends, sharing the company’s profits with you.
  • Diversification: Investing in Google shares can broaden your investments. You’ll also invest in Google’s other business areas.

Think carefully before investing in stocks and plan for the long run. Check your finances and goals before deciding.

Advertise with YouTube Ads

Advertising on YouTube helps promote your business and earn money. You can reach many people and target certain groups. This ensures your ads get to the right folks at the best time. YouTube ads are great for any size business to show off what you offer.

Create Engaging Ads

To make your YouTube ads pop, grab viewers’ attention with a great story. Use eye-catching images and sounds. Think about YouTube’s special ads that let people skip after five seconds. Put the most important info at the beginning of your ads.

“YouTube ads let us tell our brand’s unique story. With great scripts and visuals, we’ve grabbed our audience’s attention. This has really helped our brand stand out.” – Jane Smith, Marketing Director at XYZ Corporation

Target Specific Demographics

YouTube ads are great because you can pick who sees them using user data. Think about your audience’s age, gender, where they live, and what they like. Use YouTube’s special targeting to really focus on your ideal customers. This increases the chances they’ll be interested in your offer.

Explore Brand Partnerships

You can also team up with other brands or influencers to grow your reach. Working with others in your area can help you meet more people. You gain trust and get known by more people. Together, you can make content, sponsor videos, or offer deals that help both of you grow.

It’s key to pick partners that match your brand’s values and target the same people as you. Good relationships and win-win partnerships are very important.

Analyze Metrics and Optimize

Use YouTube’s analytics to see how your ads are doing. By looking at view rates, how long people watch, clicks, and conversions, you can learn a lot. Use this info to make your ads better.

Try different ads, targeting, where your ads show, and how much you spend. Keep testing and changing your ads to get the best results. This helps you get more out of your YouTube ads.

YouTube ads are a strong way to meet your audience, boost your business, and make money. Make engaging ads, focus on the right people, work with brands, and use data to make things better. By using YouTube’s ad tools, you can really show off your brand and grow your business.

Become a YouTube Consultant

If you know a lot about YouTube and digital marketing, you can become a YouTube consultant. You can help others grow their YouTube channels. This includes advice on making their videos better and understanding their performance. I charge for this expert advice.

I use my skills in YouTube analytics and understanding the YouTube algorithm to help. I look at views, watch time, and who is watching. Then, I suggest ways to make videos better. I also help with finding the right keywords and improving video details.

“Understanding YouTube analytics is crucial for content creators who want to maximize their channel’s growth and monetization potential.”

I keep up with the latest YouTube trends and changes. This lets me help creators stay ahead and use new features to their advantage. Tips on titles, thumbnails, and more can boost views. I tailor my guidance to fit each creator’s needs.

By hiring me, creators can stand out, make better content, and reach their YouTube goals.

youtube analytics

Benefits of Working with a YouTube Consultant

Working with a YouTube consultant has many benefits:

  • Expertise: A consultant knows a lot about YouTube’s details. This means better strategies for growth.
  • Customized Guidance: Advice is based on the creator’s goals and audience. This makes it more effective.
  • Access to Industry Trends: Consultants know the latest YouTube trends. This helps creators stay competitive.
  • Time Efficiency: Consultants save creators time. They provide expert advice quickly.
  • Monetization Opportunities: They show ways to make more money from videos. This uses data and trends to help.

I know YouTube’s analytics and changes well. This lets me help creators fully use their channels. Whether starting or growing, my advice can make a big difference.

Sign Up for Nielsen

Looking to make money from your YouTube channel? Nielsen’s YouTube program is a smart pick. This well-known market research company offers a way for creators to get paid for sharing viewer data. By joining, you make an impact on media decisions and earn through YouTube monetization.

In Nielsen’s YouTube program, your role is key. You help understand viewer likes and habits. Nielsen uses your data for insights that help creators, advertisers, and networks. Your viewership info boosts knowledge of what engages audiences.

The data you share with Nielsen aids creators and advertisers. This leads to finding hit content, powering ads, and boosting YouTube earnings.

Being in Nielsen’s program means earning from your YouTube and helping the community grow.

How to Sign Up for Nielsen’s YouTube Program

  1. Go to the Nielsen site and find their YouTube page.
  2. Hit “Sign Up” and fill in your channel and contact info.
  3. Accept the program’s terms and conditions.
  4. Link your YouTube to Nielsen’s system as guided.
  5. Start sharing viewership data, helping YouTube’s ecosystem grow.

By joining Nielsen, you get key tools for audience measurement. Become part of a group that shapes YouTube’s future. Take this chance to influence your channel’s success actively.

Benefits of Signing Up for Nielsen’s YouTube Program:
Opportunity to monetize your YouTube channel
Contribute to audience measurement data
Receive compensation for participation
Shape media decisions and industry insights
Gain access to essential audience measurement tools

Buy a YouTube Channel

If you don’t want to start a YouTube channel from scratch, consider buying one. You can find and buy established channels online. They already have an audience. This lets you skip the hard early stages. Instead, you can earn money through deals and ads right away.

Why Buy a YouTube Channel?

Buying a channel can quickly get your content journey going. You won’t have to build an audience from zero. You’ll get a head start with fans and videos already in place.

By getting a channel with fans, you save time. You can make money from deals and ads using the channel’s reputation and subscriber base.

Where to Find YouTube Channels for Sale

Many websites let you buy YouTube channels. These sites connect sellers and buyers. You can look at listings and choose a channel to buy.

  1. Flippa: A top site for online business sales. It offers many channels in various topics. The site keeps things open and fair for buying and selling.
  2. Empire Flippers: This trusted site lists YouTube channels for sale. They check each listing for truth and quality.
  3. Social Tradia: This site focuses on selling social media accounts. It has a special part for YouTube channels. It simplifies finding and buying a channel that fits your needs.

When looking for a channel, consider its topic, fans, activity levels, and earning potential. Do your homework. Examine the channel’s content, past success, and future promise before buying.

Monetizing a Purchased YouTube Channel

After buying a YouTube channel, it’s time to make money from it. Here are some ways to earn:

  1. Sponsorships and Brand Deals: Use your new audience to get deals with brands. Talk to companies that suit your videos. Create partnerships that your viewers will like.
  2. Advertising Revenue: Turn on ads in your videos. More views and clicks mean more money from YouTube’s ad system.
  3. Affiliate Marketing: Share affiliate links in your videos or on your site. You get paid for sales from your links.

Plan your content wisely for your new channel. Know who you’re making videos for. Create stuff they’ll love. Stay regular and true to earn and keep fans.

See buying a channel as an investment. It needs your work and passion to pay off. With smart planning and good money-making tactics, buying a YouTube channel can lead to success in online videos.

Sell Merchandise

Selling merchandise is a great way for YouTubers to make money and connect with fans. By creating branded products, you tap into your channel’s vibe to promote items and earn from sales. Offer things like t-shirts or mugs to let your audience support you daily.

There are many ways to sell your merchandise. Here are some steps to begin:

  1. Design your merchandise: Make unique designs that show off your brand. Think about using your logo or a catchy phrase to attract your audience.
  2. Choose a fulfillment method: Decide how you’ll handle making and shipping your items. You can work with a print-on-demand service or do it yourself. Each has its benefits, so choose what fits your needs.
  3. Promote your merchandise: Tell your YouTube viewers about your products. Mention them in videos, make special announcements, and link to your store. Get your fans to share their experiences with your merchandise.
  4. Collaborate with affiliate programs: You can also work with affiliate marketing to promote related products. This lets you earn more while offering more to your viewers.

By selling merchandise, you create more ways to make money and improve your viewers’ experience. It’s a way to earn while giving your fans something special to hold onto. With great products and a strong bond with your audience, your YouTube channel can grow into a thriving business.

Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from your YouTube channel. By joining affiliate programs, you can earn money by promoting products. You make a commission for every sale through your links.

This method lets you recommend great products to your viewers. It adds value to their experience and boosts your income. Pick programs and products that fit your audience and content.

To start, follow these steps:

  1. Look for good affiliate programs that match your niche. Amazon Associates, ShareASale, and Commission Junction are popular choices.
  2. Apply to become an affiliate for these programs. You might need a certain number of subscribers or views.
  3. Once approved, pick products that your audience will like.
  4. Use the unique links given by affiliate programs to track sales. Make sure to use these links when you talk about products.
  5. Create honest and useful content. Include affiliate products in your videos or blog posts in a way that feels natural.

Maximizing Affiliate Marketing Success

For affiliate marketing success, being strategic is key. Here are some tips to help:

  • Pick products you’ve used or know well. This ensures their quality.
  • Tell your audience about your affiliate links to build trust.
  • Make engaging content that explains why the products are great.
  • Keep an eye on how your affiliate links perform. See which products or promotions work best.
  • Try different ways to promote products. You can do review videos or add links in video descriptions.

Affiliate marketing helps both you and the companies you promote. It’s a great way to earn money while sharing useful products with your audience.

Affiliate Marketing Benefits Considerations
1. Passive income potential 1. Choosing reputable affiliate programs
2. Diversification of revenue sources 2. Aligning products with your audience
3. Building partnerships with reputable brands 3. Creating compelling and genuine content
4. Providing valuable recommendations to your audience 4. Tracking and analyzing affiliate link performance

Join the YouTube Partner Program

Do you make videos for YouTube and want to earn money? The YouTube Partner Program can help. It lets you make money from your channel with different features.

To get into the program, you must:

  1. Have at least 1,000 subscribers on your channel.
  2. Get 4,000 public watch hours on your videos in the last 12 months.

After you meet these criteria and get accepted, you can make money from your videos. Here’s how:

  • Ads: Put ads on your videos and earn from YouTube ad money.
  • Channel Memberships: Give special perks to your subscribers with paid memberships.
  • Super Chat: Talk to your viewers in live streams and make money from Super Chat.

The YouTube Partner Program is a great way for creators to earn money. Use these features to make your video hobby into a business. Start building your channel, meet the requirements, and enjoy the program’s benefits today!

“The YouTube Partner Program offers a straightforward way to earn revenue from your YouTube channel through various monetization features.”

Monetization Feature Description
Ads Earn money through YouTube ad revenue by enabling ads on your videos.
Channel Memberships Offer exclusive perks to your subscribers through paid channel memberships.
Super Chat Engage with your audience during live streams and earn revenue from Super Chat payments.


You don’t need to make videos to earn money on YouTube. There are many ways to monetize your channel. Curating content, blogging, and posting different types of content are some options. You can also invest in Google shares, use YouTube ads, or become a consultant. Other options include signing up for Nielsen, buying a channel, selling products, affiliate marketing, and joining the YouTube Partner Program.

Pick methods that match your interests and skills and add value for your viewers. Understanding what your audience likes helps you create appealing content and products. It’s also important to be consistent, committed, and keep up with YouTube’s rules and changes.

Building a successful YouTube channel requires work and time. But with the right approach, you can reach your money-making goals. So, explore the different ways to make money and start your YouTube channel’s growth today!


How can I make money on YouTube without making videos?

You can earn on YouTube without making videos. You can curate others’ content, start a blog, or post slide shows. Investing in Google shares, advertising with YouTube ads, and being a consultant are options too. Join Nielsen, buy a channel, sell goods, use affiliate marketing, or join the YouTube Partner Program to earn.

How do I set up a YouTube channel?

First, sign up for a YouTube account using a Google account. Pick a niche and a catchy name for your channel. Decide between a personal or brand account. Brand accounts give more control.Once set up, upload videos with good captions, tags, and thumbnails. This helps attract viewers.

How can I make money by posting work from other content creators on my YouTube channel?

Share other creators’ videos with their permission or use Creative Commons videos. This attracts viewers to your channel. You can earn from ads and sponsorships this way.

How can starting a blog help me make money on YouTube?

A blog complements your YouTube channel and boosts earnings. Use platforms like WordPress to start. Embed your YouTube videos in blog posts. This draws viewers to your blog, where you can earn from ads and affiliate links.

What kind of alternative content can I post on YouTube?

Besides videos, consider audio files, album compilations, or slide presentations. For example, host a podcast channel. Upload audio with visuals to attract subscribers. This broadens your content and ad opportunities.

How can I make money by investing in Google shares?

Buying Google shares can indirectly earn you money from YouTube. Google owns YouTube. By investing, you might gain from Google’s growth and earnings.

How can I advertise on YouTube to make money?

Use YouTube ads to promote your business broadly. Target specific viewers with your ads. Explore brand deals and partnerships to boost earnings through ad clicks and views.

How can I become a YouTube consultant?

Offer your YouTube and digital marketing skills. Help creators grow their channels and understand analytics. Charge for your advice and knowledge.

What is Nielsen and how can it help monetize my YouTube channel?

Nielsen measures audiences for YouTube. Join their program to share viewer data. This helps you earn by providing valuable insight to Nielsen.

Can I buy an existing YouTube channel to make money?

Yes, buying an established channel is an option. Find channels for sale that match your niche. This can help you skip early growth hurdles and start earning from existing content.

How can I make money by selling merchandise on YouTube?

Sell items like shirts or mugs linked to your channel. Use your channel to promote these products. Affiliate marketing programs offer another way to earn by promoting products.

How can affiliate marketing help me make money on YouTube?

Earn by promoting products in your videos or blog. Join affiliate programs, share links, and earn when purchases are made. This monetizes your channel by aligning with viewers’ interests.

How can I join the YouTube Partner Program?

To join, meet certain channel requirements like subscriber and watch hour minimums. Once in, earn from ads, memberships, and more. It’s a direct way to make money from your content.

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