How To Make Money With Pinterest: Step-by-Step Guide (2024)

how to make money with pinterest

Pinterest has over 431 million users worldwide. That’s a huge number of people ready to see your pins. They might even buy from you.

You can make money from Pinterest if you follow the right steps. Whether you want a little extra cash or to start a big online business. Pinterest has many ways for you to make money.

This guide will show you how to earn money on Pinterest. We’ll talk about getting income and making your Pinterest account make money. We’ll look at many ways to help you make more money.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use Pinterest to reach people all over the world.
  • Make content that makes people want to buy what you’re selling.
  • Use Pinterest analytics to see how well your pins are doing.
  • Work with brands to get paid for promotions and partnerships.
  • Grow your audience and get more visitors with Pinterest ads.

Understanding Pinterest’s Potential for Income Generation

Pinterest is more than a site for finding and saving ideas. It’s a big chance to make money. With 431 million users around the globe, it offers many ways to earn and find new customers.

To make money on Pinterest, you need good marketing strategies. Knowing how to use Pinterest’s special features can help you succeed and make passive income.

Attracting Attention and Driving Sales

Pinterest is like a search engine but for pictures and videos. By making your Pinterest look good, you can grab your target audience’s interest and increase sales.

“Pinterest lets businesses reach people who want information and inspiration. By sharing valuable and pretty content, you can become more credible, raise your brand’s profile, and sell more.”

Make pins that look great and fit what you’re selling or doing. Write good descriptions with the right keywords to show why your offer is special.

Driving Traffic to Your Website

Pinterest is great for getting more people to visit your website or blog. This helps turn those visitors into buyers. Use the right keywords and descriptions on your pins to make them easier to find on Pinterest.

Also, think about using Pinterest’s rich pins. They let you add more info like product details or key points from an article. This extra info can make people want to visit your website or buy something.

Monetizing Your Pinterest Account

Pinterest can help you earn money even when you’re not actively working. Besides making sales and getting website traffic, here’s how you can make money on Pinterest:

  • Try affiliate marketing by sharing pins with products or services from brands you partner with. If someone buys through your link, you get paid.
  • Sell your own things directly on Pinterest. Use the Pinterest Shop tab to make shopping easy for people.
  • Work with brands on sponsored content. Make cool pins to get noticed by brands that want to reach out to your followers.

Maximizing Your Earning Potential

Being regular and open to trying new things are key to making more money on Pinterest. Check your results often and try different ideas to see what works best with your audience.

Stay updated on Pinterest marketing tips and trends to stay ahead. Pinterest always adds new stuff that could help you. Keeping up and adjusting to these changes can keep you competitive and making money.

Now you know how you can make money on Pinterest. Next, we’ll look at ways to make content that sells, use Pinterest’s analytics, form partnerships with brands, and try Pinterest ads. These tips will help you make the most of your Pinterest to achieve financial success.

Creating Engaging and Shoppable Content

To make money on Pinterest, create content that draws in and sells to your audience. Use tools and features to make shopping fun and easy. This will help your followers want to buy from you.

Product Tagging and Virtual Try On Stickers

Using product tags and Try On stickers works well on Pinterest. Tags point out products in your pins. This makes shopping simple for your users.

If you’re a fashion blogger, you might want to show off summer looks. You can link each piece of clothing to its store. This makes shopping a breeze for your followers.

Try On stickers are great for beauty items. They let people see how makeup looks on them. This can encourage them to buy.

Shopping Recommendations and Gift Guides

Offering shopping tips and gift ideas is another method. Create lists of themed or seasonal products. This helps your audience shop wisely.

If you love home decor, you could suggest housewarming gifts. Or, pick essential items for a cozy bedroom. Your tips can earn your followers’ trust and boost sales.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate marketing is a big deal on Pinterest. You can earn by adding affiliate links to your content. This means you get paid when someone buys through your link.

Be honest about your affiliate links. Follow Pinterest’s rules. Being open and real helps you gain your followers’ trust. It also increases your chances of success.

Affiliate marketing can lead to passive income on Pinterest. By recommending products you love, you can earn money while helping your audience.

Focus on items that fit your page and interest your followers. Quality matters more than quantity. This approach can make you a trusted advisor. Your audience is more likely to buy through your links.

Maximizing Revenue Streams on Pinterest

Besides affiliate marketing, Pinterest has more ways to make money. Look into sponsored content and brand deals. These can boost your income and fan base.

Working with brands can pay off. Choose those that match your interests. This can lead to rewarding partnerships.

In conclusion, engaging and shoppable Pinterest content can earn you money. Use product tags, Try On stickers, and other income methods. This can turn your Pinterest passion into profit.

Leveraging Pinterest Analytics for Success

Understanding how your pins and boards do on Pinterest is key to earning more. Thankfully, Pinterest gives you tools to track your success. You can see which pins your audience likes and make your plans better.

Pinterest analytics show a lot about your pins and boards. You learn from saves, impressions, clicks on pins, and clicks out. This info helps you see what catches your audience’s attention. Then, you can make smart choices to improve your Pinterest strategy.

To start with Pinterest analytics, go to your Pinterest business account and click “Analytics”. You can look at different parts, like Overview, Audience Insights, and Website Analytics. Each part gives you specific data to understand how you’re doing on Pinterest.

Pinterest analytics lets you track how you’re doing over time. You can see trends and find out what works best. This helps you keep making your content better and increase what you earn.

Measuring Pinterest Performance

There are important metrics to look at when checking your Pinterest performance:

  1. Saves: This tells you how often people save your pins. More saves mean more people like your content and it gets seen by others.
  2. Impressions: This shows how many times people have seen your pins. Watching impressions helps you know how visible your content is and which pins are the most popular.
  3. Pin Clicks: This shows how many times people click on your pins for a closer look or to learn more. It helps you see if your visuals and descriptions grab people’s attention.
  4. Outbound Clicks: This counts how many times people click a link in your pin to go to your site or elsewhere. It’s good for seeing how well your pins bring visitors to where you want them.

By studying these metrics and how they change, you learn what content connects with your audience. Then, you can make better decisions to boost your Pinterest game.

Tracking Pinterest Metrics

Pinterest also offers a conversion tag feature. It lets you track actions people take after seeing your pins. By using the conversion tag on your site, you can keep an eye on sign-ups, buys, and other key actions. This tells you exactly how Pinterest helps you reach your business goals.

Tracking Pinterest metrics means you know how you’re doing and see chances to get better. By knowing what pins get the most attention and action, you can adjust your strategy. You focus on what works best for your viewers.

Using Pinterest analytics gives you control over how you succeed on Pinterest. With data to guide you, you can make your strategy better. You then boost what you earn and achieve more of your Pinterest goals.

Metric Definition
Saves How often people save your pins to their boards.
Impressions How many times people have seen your pins.
Pin Clicks How many times people click on your pins for more details.
Outbound Clicks How many times people click a link in your pin to go to your site or elsewhere.

By keeping an eye on these metrics regularly, you get insights into your Pinterest performance. You can then make your strategies better and increase what you earn.

Building Relationships with Brands and Partnerships

Working with brands can help you earn money on Pinterest. Find brands that fit your style to start paid partnerships. You can share their products on your pins.

It’s key to pick brands that your followers will like and that match your niche. Working with brands that share your values will help you make genuine and interesting content for your followers.

With Pinterest’s tool, you can easily show your brand partnerships on pins. This makes it clear how you’re paid. It also lets you make money from your Pinterest.

Benefits of Brand Partnerships on Pinterest

  • Working with big brands gets your pins seen by more people. This can get you more followers and make you more visible on Pinterest.
  • Paid partnerships offer a big chance to make money. You can turn your Pinterest into a profitable project.
  • Teaming up with known brands boosts your trustworthiness. Your audience will believe in the products you endorse.
  • Brands often help with creating content. They might give you special content, samples, or deals to make great pins.

To get brand partnerships, you need a pro pitch. Show off what makes you special. Share your Pinterest stats and how engaged your followers are.

“Brand partnerships on Pinterest are really valuable. By choosing brands wisely, you can connect with your audience better and earn money from your Pinterest.”

Getting close to brands needs work. Begin by contacting brands that suit your content. Show interest in them on social media and join their campaigns. As your following gets bigger, more brands might want to work with you.

Keep making top-notch, eye-catching content. Brands are drawn to creativity and authenticity. A well-managed Pinterest board stands out.

Monetizing Pinterest with Paid Partnerships: A Case Study

Let’s see how well brand partnerships can work on Pinterest with a real example.

Case Study: Influencer X Key Metrics Results
Number of Brand Partnerships 10+ Earned a lot thanks to sponsored posts.
Gained Followers +50,000 Got more followers from brands sharing their content.
Engagement Rate 4%+ Got lots of engagement thanks to true-to-self content and smart brand choices.
Income Generation $10,000+ Really increased their earnings through partnerships and sponsored posts.

“Influencer X shows how well using Pinterest with brand partnerships can work. By picking the right brands and making content people love, they gained a lot of followers and made good money.”

By starting relationships with brands and using paid partnerships, you can make the most of your Pinterest. Reach out to brands now to start making money from your Pinterest.

Maximizing Reach with Pinterest Ads

Want to get more eyes on your Pinterest pins? Pinterest ads are the answer! With promoted pins, you can aim for goals like more traffic or followers. Dive into Pinterest advertising to boost your reach.

Promoted pins are paid ads on Pinterest. They look just like other pins but reach more people.

Why invest in Pinterest ads?

Pinterest ads speed up your growth and make you more visible. They help you find users who wouldn’t see your pins otherwise. This brings more traffic to you.

How to create effective Pinterest ads?

Creating good Pinterest ads means knowing your audience and goals. Here are tips for successful ads:

  1. Make visuals that grab attention and fit your brand.
  2. Create ad copy that makes users want to click and see more.
  3. Target your ads by demographics, interests, and behaviors to hit the right people.
  4. Use Pinterest analytics to check your ad’s success and improve your strategies.

Maximizing your Pinterest ad reach:

Use these strategies for wider reach with Pinterest ads:

1. Utilize keyword targeting

Target keywords in your ads to appear in searches and feeds of interested users.

2. Take advantage of audience targeting

Reach specific users with Pinterest’s audience targeting. Tailor ads to match their likes for better engagement.

3. Test different ad formats

Try various ad formats like video or carousel ads. Optimize based on which ones get the best response.

Measuring the success of your Pinterest ads:

Keep an eye on your ad performance. Use Pinterest analytics for metrics like impressions and clicks. This helps you tweak your ads for the best results.

Using Pinterest ads wisely can widen your reach and bring more traffic. Start using Pinterest ads in your marketing now!

Optimizing Your Pinterest Profile and Boards

Making your Pinterest account shine is key. Focus on your profile and boards for better results. Doing so can greatly increase your pinterest visibility. This will bring more followers and customers your way.

To make your profile better, use the right keywords. Put words that match your business in your name, bio, and board titles. This helps Pinterest suggest your profile to folks who like those topics.

Also, write great board descriptions. Include keywords and share what’s on each board. This boosts your profile and helps people find your boards when they search on Pinterest.

Organize your boards well, too. Put them in order and group similar ones together. This makes it easy for visitors to browse and enjoy your content.

Profile Optimization Tips Board Optimization Tips
  • Incorporate relevant keywords in your profile name, bio, and board titles.
  • Use a clear and high-resolution profile picture that represents your brand or business.
  • Add a link to your website or blog in your profile.
  • Regularly update your profile with fresh content to keep it engaging.
  • Create compelling descriptions for each board with relevant keywords.
  • Ensure each board has a visually appealing cover image that represents its content.
  • Use categories or sections to organize your boards.
  • Regularly update your boards with new pins to keep them current.

Remember, optimizing your Pinterest profile and boards is not a one-time task. Continuously monitor your performance, analyze user engagement, and make adjustments as needed to stay relevant and maximize your Pinterest visibility.

With these tips, your Pinterest can stand out. Focus on your profile and boards. Doing this well boosts your audience and might help you earn from your account. Give your Pinterest some love and watch it grow!

Leveraging Trends and Fresh Ideas

Keeping up with Pinterest’s monthly trends keeps your content new and interesting. By using the trends tool, finding hot topics is easy. This can draw more people to your stuff.

Planning your content well can help you reach more people on Pinterest. By using the latest trends, you make stuff that grabs people’s attention. They’re always looking for new ideas.

Strategic content planning is key to reaching more people. Begin by looking at Pinterest monthly trends in your area. Find topics that are becoming popular. These topics are great for coming up with new content ideas.

After spotting trending topics, it’s time for making content that stands out. Think about how to include these trends in your Pinterest activity. This could mean making boards around these trends or adding your own twist.

Don’t forget to make your content easy to find. Use keywords that matter in your pin and board titles. This makes it easier for people to find your stuff when they search on Pinterest.

Remember, trends can change fast. Being flexible and changing your plan when new trends pop up is important. Keep an eye on Pinterest trends. Then adjust your content plans. This keeps your ideas fresh and interesting.

Using trending topics in your content planning can widen your audience. This, in turn, can up your chances of making more money on Pinterest. By staying ahead with trends, you become a top source for the latest ideas.

Tips for Leveraging Trends and Fresh Ideas on Pinterest
Stay up-to-date with Pinterest monthly trends to discover popular topics.
Incorporate trending keywords into your content planning to reach a broader audience.
Create themed boards and curate content around trending topics.
Optimize your content for search by using relevant keywords in descriptions and titles.
Monitor Pinterest monthly trends and adapt your content strategy as new trends emerge.

Monetization Programs and Opportunities

Pinterest is a great way to make money. You can earn by being a creator, brand, or affiliate marketer. Pinterest lets you monetize your content directly. This helps generate income.

Product tagging on Pinterest is very useful. It lets you make pins shoppable by tagging products. This links straight to what you show, which improves shopping for your followers. It could lead to more sales.

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is another great chance. You can get money through affiliate links on your pins. When your pins lead to sales, you earn commissions. This is by promoting things your followers like.

Brand partnerships are another method to make money on Pinterest. Pair up with brands that match your content. You can make money by promoting their products or services. This is good for both sides. It also allows you to support products you trust.

These ways can increase your Pinterest earnings. Whether you use product tagging, affiliate marketing, or brand partnerships, Pinterest has what you need. It gives you the tools to grow your monetization strategies.

Pinterest Business Account and Creator Tools

To make money from your Pinterest, get a business account and use creator tools. With these, you can see detailed analytics, use cool features, and understand how your posts do. This helps you earn more.

Here’s how to set up a business account on Pinterest:

  1. Go to and click “Join as a business”.
  2. Enter your email, password, and business name.
  3. Pick what kind of business you have and choose your industry.
  4. Add your website or connect your Instagram for more features.
  5. Finish by adding a profile picture and bio.

With your business account, explore the creator tools to make your account better and boost your earnings:

  • Rich Pins: Use rich pins to add more details to your pins. This makes them more interesting and useful.
  • Pinterest Creator Dashboard: Check out your Creator Dashboard to learn about your followers, see how your pins are doing, and find out what’s popular. It helps you plan what to post next.
  • Promoted Pins: Try promoted pins to get your posts seen by more people. You can choose who sees them by their interests or what they’re searching for. This increases your pins’ views and brings more visitors.
  • Shop the Look: Use the Shop the Look to link products in your pins. This makes it easy for people to buy what they see, which can help you make more money.

pinterest business account and creator tools

“A Pinterest business account and using the creator tools greatly boost your money-making chances. Accessing in-depth analytics and special tools lets you fine-tune your approach for better results with your account.”

Accessing the Creator Hub and Inclusion Programs

Pinterest helps creators of all kinds. They offer the Pinterest Creator Hub and Creator Inclusion Fund. These give resources and chances for creators who are often overlooked.

The Pinterest Creator Hub is full of help and knowledge for creators. It has guides, tutorials, and inspiring stuff. This helps you do well on Pinterest, whether you’re new or already there.

The Creator Inclusion Fund supports creators from underrepresented groups. Pinterest wants to make things fair for everyone. This fund gives money, mentoring, and chances to network. It helps you grow no matter where you come from.

To use these programs, just go to the Pinterest site. Look for the Creator Hub to find all the resources. For the Creator Inclusion Fund, watch for news and how to apply on Pinterest’s blog and social media.

Benefits of the Creator Hub Benefits of the Creator Inclusion Fund
1. Education and industry insights 1. Financial support through grants
2. Guides and tutorials for success on Pinterest 2. Mentorship programs
3. Expert advice and tips 3. Networking opportunities
4. Stay up to date with the latest trends 4. Support for underrepresented communities
5. Enhance your earning potential 5. Empowerment regardless of background

Unlocking Your Full Potential

You can reach your top potential with the Creator Hub and Creator Inclusion Fund. Whether improving skills, meeting others, or earning, Pinterest supports you. Use the power of these programs. Start a journey of growth, creativity, and financial success on Pinterest.

Effective Pinning Strategies for Maximum Results

Using effective pinning strategies is key to get more people to your site or blog. Make several pins for each blog post. Make sure they have good titles, descriptions, and images. This helps more people find and visit your content. We’ll share great tips on how to do this to get more traffic and make more money on Pinterest.

To get more visitors from Pinterest, remember a few important strategies. These strategies make your pins easier to find and appealing. They help draw in the right viewers. Here are strategies you should try:

  1. Keyword Optimization: Put important keywords in your pin titles, descriptions, and alt text. This makes your pins easier to find. Look for popular keywords in your area and use them in your pins.
  2. Create Engaging Visuals: Choose high-quality pictures or graphics that draw people’s attention. Use bright colors, interesting fonts, and unique designs. This makes your pins really stand out on Pinterest.
  3. Pin Consistently: Keep adding new things to your profile to stay active. This helps your pins show up more often for users. Always pin things that are new, relevant, and useful to keep people interested and get new followers.
  4. Utilize Rich Pins: Use Pinterest’s rich pins to add more details to your pins, like what products you’re showing, summaries of articles, or recipes. Rich pins give more information and make it more likely that people will interact with your pins.

It’s also crucial to follow Pinterest’s rules and advice. Doing this helps make your pins better and gives you a bigger chance of doing well on the platform.

Good pinning is all about sharing content that matters and interests your audience. By sticking to these strategies, you can get more visitors, find new followers, and earn more on Pinterest.

Start by making your pins searchable and interesting. Then, often check your Pinterest analytics. See which pins work best and tweak your strategy as needed. Keeping your strategies fresh and based on what your audience likes means better results and more visits to your site or blog.

Pin Optimization Strategy Description
Keyword Optimization Put important keywords into pin titles, descriptions, and alt text.
Create Engaging Visuals Use quality images, appealing colors, and interesting designs.
Pin Consistently Keep pinning new and helpful content to keep people engaged.
Utilize Rich Pins Add more details to pins, like product information or summaries.

Follow these pinning strategies to make your pins better, interest more people, and get more views on your content. Apply these methods and keep up with Pinterest’s latest tips to maximize your earnings and succeed on the platform.

Making the Most of Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from your Pinterest account. By adding affiliate links and following the rules, you can promote products. This helps you earn commissions as an affiliate marketer.

To do well with affiliate marketing on Pinterest, mix affiliate links into your content well. These links should match what your followers like. This makes them seem more like tips than ads. For example, a fashion Pinterest account might show outfits and accessories with affiliate links included.

Following affiliate guidelines keeps your reputation positive. Be clear about your affiliate links in your pin descriptions. Or, make a “Disclosure” pin. This honesty helps build trust and credibility with your followers.

Building Trust and Connecting with Your Audience

Trust and connection are key for affiliate marketing success on Pinterest. Provide valuable content. Share tips, info, and reviews about the products or services you suggest. This makes you a trusted figure in your niche.

Pinterest is visual, so create eye-catching pins. Use great images, strong headlines, and interesting descriptions. This draws in your audience and gets them to click on your affiliate links.

“Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is all about finding the right balance between promoting products and providing valuable content. By focusing on building trust and connecting with your audience, you can establish a loyal following and increase your chances of earning commissions.”

Choosing the Right Affiliate Programs

Picking the right affiliate programs is important. Choose ones that fit your niche and interest your audience. Look for reputable programs with good commission rates and products your audience will like. Amazon Associates, ShareASale, and Commission Junction are some good options.

Measuring and Optimizing Your Affiliate Marketing Performance

Measuring and improving your marketing is key. Use Pinterest’s analytics to track your pins and links. Focus on clicks, saves, and conversions. This tells you what content works best.

Refine your marketing based on what you learn. Try different pins, images, and descriptions. Keep up with trends and SEO to reach more people.

Combining Affiliate Marketing with Other Monetization Strategies

Using affiliate marketing with other strategies can be more effective. Think about partnerships for paid promotions. This diversifies your income. It helps you earn more from your Pinterest account.

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest has big potential for earning. Follow best practices, build trust, pick the right programs, track performance, and try other strategies. This can help you succeed with affiliate marketing on Pinterest.


Pinterest is full of chances for making money off what you love. This guide shows how to do that using your account. You can make cash through ads, brand deals, or affiliate links. Pinterest lets you earn in a way that suits you best.

Follow this guide to make your Pinterest better and make money. You’ll learn to make posts that sell and work well with brands. Use Pinterest’s ads and analytics to your advantage. With great pins and smart affiliate marketing, you can earn more.

Start making money on Pinterest today. Try different ways to earn and keep improving your skills. Stay dedicated and keep your followers happy. This way, your Pinterest can bring in steady money. See the difference it makes in reaching your money goals.


How can I make money with Pinterest?

There are many ways to earn money using Pinterest. Some methods include making creative content that you can shop. You can also work with brands and get the most out of Pinterest ads. Another useful way is by using Pinterest’s business tools and understanding their analytics. Joining money-making programs and using affiliate marketing are good strategies too.

How can I create engaging and shoppable content on Pinterest?

You can make your Pinterest content fun and easy to shop. Use tools like product tags and virtual Try-On stickers. These make what you post more playful for viewers. This also makes them more likely to buy something.

How can I leverage Pinterest analytics for success?

Pinterest has great tools to see how well your pins do. They let you track saves, impressions, and clicks. By understanding these, you can make content that people love. This helps you plan better strategies.

How can I build relationships with brands and partnerships on Pinterest?

Start by reaching out to brands that fit your style. You can then set up paid partnerships. Use Pinterest’s paid partnership tool. It makes tagging brands in your pins easy and clear.

How can I maximize my reach with Pinterest ads?

Pinterest ads help you reach more people. Investing in promoted pins helps drive traffic to your pins. By refining your ad campaigns, you can achieve specific goals. These include getting more traffic or followers.

How can I optimize my Pinterest profile and boards for maximum impact?

To make your Pinterest better, use the right keywords. Also, create engaging descriptions. Arrange your boards well. This increases your chance of making money on Pinterest.

How can I leverage trends and fresh ideas on Pinterest?

Keep up with Pinterest trends. Use their trends tool. This helps you find new content ideas. Creating pins on popular topics attracts more viewers.

What monetization programs and opportunities are available on Pinterest?

Pinterest offers ways to make money like product tags, affiliate links, and brand deals. These options help you earn directly from your pins.

How do I create a Pinterest business account and access creator tools?

Sign up on Pinterest’s website to start a business account. This gives you access to better analytics and tools. These resources are great for creators looking to earn more.

How can I access the Creator Hub and participate in inclusion programs on Pinterest?

The Creator Hub supports and educates Pinterest creators. The Creator Inclusion Fund helps creators from diverse backgrounds. Access the Creator Hub and learn about the inclusion fund to boost your earnings.

What are effective pinning strategies for driving traffic?

Make multiple pins for each blog post. Make sure they have good titles, descriptions, and images. This can increase your visibility and bring more people to your site.

How can I make the most of affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest can help you earn commissions. Use affiliate links wisely and follow Pinterest’s guidelines. This way, you can promote products and make money.

How can I make money on Pinterest?

This guide has shared different ways and tips to earn money on Pinterest. By following these strategies, you can make your Pinterest passion profitable.

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