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online jobs that pay daily

Today, there are numerous online jobs that offer daily pay, allowing individuals to earn money quickly and supplement their income. These online jobs can be done from the comfort of your own home and provide the freedom to earn money instantly. In this article, we will explore 21 online jobs that pay daily and provide the opportunity for immediate payment upon completing work.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are various online jobs available that offer daily payment and immediate earnings.
  • Opportunities range from taking paid online surveys to offering freelance services.
  • Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and UberEats provide options for finding online jobs that pay daily.
  • Legitimate online jobs can be a reliable source of income while working from home.
  • Research and choose the best online jobs suited for your skills and interests.

Survey Sites

Paid online surveys are a popular and easy way to earn money online. By participating in surveys, you can provide valuable feedback to market research companies and get paid for your opinion. There are several reputable survey sites that have been trusted by millions of users, including InboxDollars.

Signing up for multiple survey sites or survey apps can increase your chances of receiving survey invitations and earning money daily. These survey sites partner with various market research companies to gather insights from consumers like you. When you complete surveys, you not only earn money but also contribute to shaping the products and services offered in the market.

Most survey sites have a minimum cash-out threshold, which is the minimum amount of money you need to accumulate before you can request a payment. The minimum cash-out threshold is usually set at a reasonable level, making it easy for users to reach and receive payment quickly.

Survey sites allow you to earn money online by simply sharing your opinion. It’s an effortless way to make some extra cash on the side!

Benefits of Survey Sites:

  • Earn money online by completing surveys
  • Flexible online side jobs that can be done at your convenience
  • Receive survey invitations regularly, increasing your earning potential
  • Low minimum cash-out threshold for quick payment

Top Survey Sites:

Survey Site Minimum Cash-Out Threshold
InboxDollars $30
Swagbucks $5
Survey Junkie $10
Vindale Research $50

These survey sites are reputable and have a wide range of surveys available. They offer multiple payment options, including PayPal and gift cards, allowing you to choose your preferred method of payment.

By signing up for these survey sites and dedicating some of your free time to taking surveys, you can earn money online and make a meaningful impact on market research.

Editing or Proofreading

If you have good grammar skills and enjoy fine-tuning written content, there are plenty of opportunities to get paid for editing or proofreading online. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr connect freelancers with clients seeking editing and proofreading services on a daily or weekly basis. As a freelancer, you have the flexibility to set your own rates and schedule, making it an ideal option for those looking for freelance jobs.

By combining editing or proofreading services with freelance writing, you can increase your earning potential and have a variety of online side jobs. Whether you’re a grammar enthusiast or have a keen eye for detail, there are online platforms waiting for your expertise.

“Editing and proofreading online content can be a rewarding job for grammar enthusiasts like me. Not only do I get paid to enhance the quality of written material, but I also have the freedom to work from anywhere and choose my own schedule.”

– Sarah, Freelance Editor

Online Platforms for Editing and Proofreading Jobs

When it comes to finding editing or proofreading jobs, Upwork and Fiverr are popular platforms that connect freelancers with clients all over the world. These platforms offer a wide range of freelance jobs, including editing and proofreading.

  • Upwork: One of the largest freelance platforms, Upwork provides a wide array of job opportunities, including editing and proofreading gigs. Freelancers can search for projects that match their skills and rates, ensuring a seamless process for finding freelance jobs.
  • Fiverr: Fiverr is another popular platform that offers a variety of freelance services, including editing and proofreading. Freelancers can create their own gig listings and set their desired rates, creating an opportunity to build a client base and earn money through direct deposit.

Both Upwork and Fiverr provide secure payment options, ensuring that freelancers receive their earnings in a timely manner.

Comparison of Upwork and Fiverr

Features Upwork Fiverr
Platform Popularity High High
Types of Freelance Jobs Various, including editing and proofreading Various, including editing and proofreading
Flexibility Choose your own rates and schedule Choose your own rates and schedule
Payment Options Direct deposit Direct deposit

As displayed in the table above, both Upwork and Fiverr offer similar features and benefits, making them reliable platforms to find editing and proofreading jobs. Whether you prefer the larger client base of Upwork or the user-friendly interface of Fiverr, both platforms provide opportunities for daily or weekly payment through direct deposit.

Whether you’re correcting grammar mistakes, improving sentence structure, or enhancing the overall readability of written content, editing and proofreading jobs allow you to put your skills to good use. With the flexibility of setting your own rates and working on your own schedule, it’s a great way to earn money as a freelancer in the gig economy.

Virtual Assistant

Are you looking for online jobs that offer flexibility and daily or weekly payment? Virtual assistant jobs may be the perfect fit for you. As a virtual assistant, you can work remotely and provide various administrative tasks to clients, all while enjoying a flexible schedule. Virtual assistant platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are popular marketplaces where you can find freelance virtual assistant jobs and set your own rates and schedule.

As a virtual assistant, you can offer a wide range of services to clients depending on their needs. These may include answering calls, scheduling appointments, managing social media accounts, and handling data entry tasks. With the growing demand for virtual assistants, there is a constant need for professionals who can efficiently manage administrative tasks and provide support to businesses and individuals.

Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork:

  1. Connect freelancers with clients in need of virtual assistant services.
  2. Offer a marketplace for virtual assistants to showcase their skills and expertise.
  3. Provide the flexibility to set your own rates and work on projects that align with your skills and interests.

Whether you are looking to enhance your existing virtual assistant career or starting fresh in the online job market, virtual assistant jobs can provide you with the opportunity to work on your own terms and get paid daily or weekly for your services.

Benefits of Virtual Assistant Jobs

“Virtual assistant jobs offer various advantages such as:

  • Flexibility: Work from the comfort of your own home, choose your own schedule.
  • Daily or Weekly Payment: Get paid for your services on a regular basis.”
  • Diverse Range of Tasks: Provide administrative support, manage social media accounts, handle data entry, and more.

Virtual assistant jobs not only allow you to earn money online but also offer the freedom to work on projects that interest you and utilize your unique skills.

So, if you are looking for online jobs that offer flexibility, daily payment, and a variety of tasks, virtual assistant jobs may be the perfect choice for you.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps offer a convenient way to earn daily pay through a variety of jobs. Whether you’re looking to earn cash back while shopping or complete tasks for quick earnings, there are apps available to help you make money on the go.

One popular app for earning cash back on online purchases is Rakuten. By shopping through the app, users can earn a percentage of their purchases back as cash. It’s a simple and effortless way to save money while shopping.

Another app that offers opportunities to earn money is Field Agent. This app pays users to complete tasks such as taking pictures, checking prices, or providing feedback on products. It’s a great option for those who enjoy being on the move and want to earn money on the side.

If you enjoy shopping in physical stores, Easy Shift is an app that pays users to complete tasks like checking prices and verifying product availability. It’s a simple way to earn some extra cash while running errands.

While these apps may not provide immediate cash, most payments are processed within 48 hours, so you can quickly access your earnings.

Mobile Apps

These mobile apps provide flexible opportunities to earn money, making them great options for those looking for part-time or gig economy jobs. Whether you’re shopping, completing tasks in stores, or providing feedback, these apps can help you make money right from your smartphone.

Next, let’s explore the world of freelance writing and the opportunities it offers for daily pay.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a fantastic option for individuals seeking online jobs with the potential for daily payment. As a freelance writer, I have the opportunity to create engaging blog posts, articles, and other content for clients, allowing me to showcase my creativity and expertise while earning a steady income.

One of the great advantages of freelance writing is the ability to invoice clients for my work, ensuring a smooth and professional payment process. Many clients choose to pay through widely used platforms like PayPal, offering quick and direct payment for my services.

In addition to traditional writing assignments, I also provide social media content writing services to clients. This allows me to extend my skills beyond articles and blog posts and cater to the growing demand for engaging social media content.

Why choose freelance writing?

  • Flexible working hours – I have the freedom to choose my own schedule and work from anywhere.
  • Diverse range of projects – I get to explore various topics and industries, keeping my writing fresh and interesting.
  • Continuous learning – Each writing assignment presents an opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and research new subjects.
  • Building a professional portfolio – With every completed project, I continue to enhance my portfolio, attracting more clients and higher-paying opportunities.

Freelance writing allows me to pursue my passion for writing while earning a steady income. The daily or weekly payment possibilities provide financial stability, making it an attractive option for those seeking online jobs.

The flexibility and potential for daily payment make freelance writing an appealing choice for individuals looking for online jobs.

With freelance writing, not only do I have the chance to express myself through words, but I also have the opportunity to generate income on a daily basis. It’s the perfect combination of creativity and financial stability.

Selling Online

Looking to make some quick cash by selling items online? You’re in luck! There are several popular platforms that allow you to sell items and receive same-day pay. Let’s take a closer look at some of these platforms:


If you have clothes, shoes, or accessories that you no longer wear, Poshmark is a great platform to sell them. Simply create an account, upload photos of your items, set your prices, and wait for buyers to make a purchase. Poshmark provides a prepaid shipping label, making it easy to ship your sold items.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a convenient platform for selling a wide range of items, including furniture, electronics, and household goods. With Facebook’s extensive user base, you can easily connect with potential buyers in your local area. Arrange a convenient meeting place, complete the exchange, and receive your payment on the spot.


If you have a knack for crafting or creating unique handmade items, Etsy is the perfect platform for you. Set up your own online store, list your products, and showcase your creativity to a global audience. Etsy offers a secure payment system, ensuring that you receive your earnings quickly and safely.


As one of the largest online marketplaces, Amazon provides a vast customer base for selling new or used goods. Whether you’re selling books, electronics, or household items, Amazon makes it easy to list your products and reach potential buyers. The platform also offers services like Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), where they handle inventory storage and shipping on your behalf.


eBay has been a go-to platform for selling items online for many years. List your items, set your prices, and let the bidding begin! eBay allows you to auction off items or offer them at a fixed price. With a wide range of categories and a large user base, you’re bound to find buyers for your items.

Garage Sales

Don’t overlook the classic garage sale! Gathering items you no longer need and hosting a garage sale is a fantastic way to make some quick cash. Advertise your sale in local newspapers or online community groups to attract buyers. With a little organization and creativity, you can turn unwanted items into cash in one day.

Comparison Table

Platform Benefits
Poshmark – Specializes in clothing and accessories
– Prepaid shipping label provided
Facebook Marketplace – Local marketplace for various items
– Easy communication with potential buyers
Etsy – Great for handmade and unique items
– Global audience
Amazon – Extensive customer base
– Option for Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)
eBay – Auction or fixed-price selling options
– Large user base
Garage Sales – Quick way to sell various items
– Potential for same-day payment

With these platforms, selling items online has never been easier. Whether you’re decluttering your home or looking to make some extra cash, give them a try!

selling items online

Website Testing

Website testing is a fantastic way to earn extra cash while providing valuable user feedback and identifying bugs. By participating in website tests, you can help improve the user experience and ensure that websites are optimized before they are released to the public.

Two popular platforms for website testing are PlaytestCloud and These platforms offer opportunities to participate in tests and earn money for your feedback. The tests typically involve navigating through a website and completing specific tasks, all while providing your honest opinions and observations.

One of the best parts of website testing is the ability to cash out instantly on some platforms. This means that as soon as your test is completed and approved, you can receive immediate payment for your efforts. It’s a great way to earn money quickly and easily.

Website Testing Platforms Payment Options Cash Out Time
PlaytestCloud PayPal Instant PayPal Within 7 days

Joining PlaytestCloud or can be a great way to earn extra cash in your spare time. Not only will you be helping companies improve their websites, but you’ll also have the opportunity to earn money and cash out instantly. So why not give website testing a try?

Data Entry

Looking for a legitimate online job that pays daily or weekly? Data entry jobs might be the perfect fit for you. These jobs offer flexible work hours and the opportunity to earn money from the comfort of your own home. If you have excellent attention to detail and fast typing skills, platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, DataPlus+, and DionData Solutions provide data entry opportunities.

Some companies may require background checks and specific certification tests to ensure the quality and accuracy of their data entry work. These tests serve as a way to validate your skills and expertise in data entry. So, if you enjoy working with numbers, facts, and figures while maintaining a high level of attention to detail, data entry jobs can be a great option for you.

The Benefits of Data Entry Jobs

  • Flexible work hours
  • Work from the comfort of your own home
  • Opportunity to earn money daily or weekly
  • Build your typing speed and accuracy
  • Enhance your attention to detail

Data entry jobs may not be the highest-paying online jobs, but consistent work can lead to decent earnings. These jobs provide a stable income stream for individuals who excel at attention to detail and have fast typing skills. Whether you’re new to the world of data entry or an experienced professional, there are opportunities available to match your skill level and experience.

Data entry jobs provide the flexibility to work from home while earning money daily or weekly. The attention to detail required in these jobs ensures a high level of accuracy in the entered data.”

Data Entry Jobs

Platform Description Payment
Fiverr A popular freelance marketplace where you can offer your data entry services and set your own rates. Daily or weekly
Upwork A global freelancing platform that connects freelancers with clients looking for data entry services. Daily or weekly
DataPlus+ A company that specializes in data entry and data processing services, offering regular data entry job opportunities. Weekly
DionData Solutions A provider of data entry and data management solutions, offering remote data entry jobs. Weekly

With a wide range of platforms to choose from, finding data entry jobs that suit your skills and preferences has never been easier. Take advantage of these opportunities to earn money daily or weekly while showcasing your attention to detail and fast typing skills.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the high-paying online jobs that offers tremendous potential for earning money. It allows individuals with online spaces, such as blogs, vlogs, or social media accounts, to promote products or services of other companies. By including affiliate links in their content, they can earn a percentage of the sales generated through those links. This form of marketing is based on performance, meaning that the more successful the promotion, the higher the earnings.

Affiliate marketing provides a lucrative opportunity for individuals who have a large audience and are skilled at promoting products or services effectively. Social media influencers, for example, can leverage their substantial following to generate significant commissions. The key lies in building trust with your audience and recommending relevant products that align with their interests.

The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  • High Earning Potential: Affiliate marketing has the potential to be a well-paying online job. As you generate sales through your affiliate links, your commission can increase significantly, leading to a substantial income.
  • Flexible Work: As an affiliate marketer, you have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want. This flexibility allows you to create a schedule that suits your lifestyle.
  • Passive Income: Once you have established your affiliate marketing strategy and built a loyal audience, you can earn passive income. This means that you can continue to generate revenue from your previous promotions without investing additional time and effort.

By choosing the right affiliate programs and products, and developing a clear promotion strategy, you can create a successful affiliate marketing business. Remember to disclose your affiliate partnerships transparently and provide honest recommendations to maintain the trust of your audience.

Affiliate Marketing Platforms Commission Rates Key Features
Amazon Associates Varies based on product category – Wide range of products
– Trusted brand
– Easy integration on websites
Commission Junction Depends on advertiser – Large network of advertisers
– Robust reporting and tracking tools
– Diverse product offerings
Rakuten Marketing Performance-based – Extensive network of advertisers
– Access to exclusive deals and promotions
– Advanced reporting capabilities

Affiliate marketing allows individuals to turn their online space into a source of income by promoting products or services. With the potential for high earnings, flexible work hours, and the ability to build passive income, affiliate marketing has become a sought-after online job for many. By leveraging your online presence and connecting with a large audience, you can tap into the power of affiliate marketing and create a successful online business.

Dog Walker

Are you an animal lover looking for a fun job that provides same-day pay? Look no further than dog walking! By offering your dog walking services to local clients, you can enjoy the company of furry friends while earning immediate cash.

Apps like Rover provide a convenient platform to connect dog walkers with pet owners in their local area. Signing up with Rover allows you to easily find dog walking jobs nearby and manage your services.

One of the benefits of using Rover is the ability to arrange for instant payment through PayPal. As soon as you complete a dog walking session, you can receive your payment directly and enjoy the satisfaction of instant earnings.

So, if you have a passion for dogs and want to make money on the same day, consider becoming a dog walker and join platforms like Rover for a seamless experience. It’s the perfect way to combine your love for animals with the opportunity for immediate payment.

dog walking


As a transcriptionist, I have discovered a rewarding way to earn money online. By carefully listening to audio files and accurately typing out the contents, I am able to provide valuable transcription services to clients. One of the advantages of this job is the ability to find clients who pay through PayPal, allowing for invoicing and providing the opportunity for same-day payment upon completing the transcription work.

Working as a transcriptionist offers the flexibility to work from the comfort of my own home, providing a convenient and comfortable working environment. It also allows me to choose my own schedule, making it easier to balance work and personal commitments. Plus, with the option for same-day payment, I can quickly access the earnings I have worked hard to earn.

Transcriptionist jobs are perfect for individuals who have excellent listening skills and attention to detail. The ability to accurately transcribe audio is crucial, as it ensures the quality and accuracy of the final transcription. By delivering high-quality work, I am able to build trust with my clients and establish long-term working relationships.

Being a transcriptionist has allowed me to turn my skills in audio transcription into a profitable online job. With same-day payment options through PayPal, I can receive immediate compensation for the work I complete.”

To showcase the potential earnings of working as a transcriptionist, here is a table summarizing the average pay rates for transcription services:

Transcriptionist Job Type Average Pay Rate
General Transcription $15 – $30 per audio hour
Medical Transcription $20 – $40 per audio hour
Legal Transcription $25 – $50 per audio hour

Table: Average Pay Rates for Transcription Services

These rates can vary depending on the complexity of the audio content, industry-specific knowledge required, and the turnaround time. However, they provide a general idea of the earning potential in transcriptionist jobs.

Are you ready to embark on a rewarding online career as a transcriptionist? Start by honing your listening and typing skills, and explore online platforms and freelance marketplaces to find clients who offer same-day payment through PayPal. With dedication and accuracy, you can start earning money through audio transcription today.

UberEats Driver

Becoming an UberEats driver offers a fantastic opportunity to earn money while providing a valuable service delivering food to customers’ homes. As an UberEats driver, you can enjoy the flexibility of setting your own schedule and working as much or as little as you want. Not only can you make money, but you also get to explore your city and discover new local restaurants.

UberEats provides multiple payment options to ensure that you receive your hard-earned money in a timely manner. One of the options is weekly direct deposit, which allows you to receive your earnings directly into your bank account on a weekly basis. This payment method provides a consistent stream of income, allowing you to plan and manage your finances efficiently.

If you prefer more immediate access to your earnings, UberEats offers an additional feature called Fast Pay. With Fast Pay, you can cash out your earnings quickly and easily, even on a daily basis. This is especially beneficial if you need instant access to funds for any reason.

While Fast Pay offers the convenience of instant payment, it’s important to note that there is a small transfer fee associated with each cash-out. This fee is deducted from your earnings, so it’s essential to consider your needs and payment preferences when deciding whether to use Fast Pay or the weekly direct deposit option.

Benefits of being an UberEats driver:

  • Flexibility to choose your own schedule
  • Opportunity to explore your city and discover new local restaurants
  • Multiple payment options, including weekly direct deposit and Fast Pay
  • Potential for daily earnings

As an UberEats driver, you’ll play a crucial role in the food delivery process, ensuring that customers receive their orders promptly and with a friendly smile. So why wait? Start your journey as an UberEats driver today and enjoy the benefits of flexible work, instant pay, and the satisfaction of providing a valuable service to your community.

Are you ready to embark on a fulfilling and rewarding career as an UberEats driver? Sign up today and start earning money while enjoying the flexibility and convenience of food delivery.


In conclusion, there is a wide range of online jobs that offer daily payment and immediate earnings available for individuals seeking flexible work from home opportunities. These high paying online jobs, such as completing surveys, working as a virtual assistant, freelance writing, or participating in gig economy jobs like food delivery, provide the flexibility to choose your own schedule and earn quick cash. Whether you are looking for part-time work or a full-time income, there are legitimate online jobs that can meet your needs.

When exploring online job options, it is essential to prioritize reputable platforms and companies to ensure reliable payment and a steady income stream. Take the time to research and select legitimate online jobs that align with your skills and interests. This will help you find online jobs that pay daily and provide the financial stability you desire while working from the comfort of your own home.

By leveraging the opportunities offered by the growing gig economy and remote work, you can find fulfilling freelancing jobs and part-time jobs that suit your needs. Whether you choose to complete surveys, offer your writing services, or become a virtual assistant, these online jobs provide an avenue for quick cash and enable you to benefit from the freedom and flexibility of remote work. Embrace the potential of online jobs and unlock a world of possibilities to earn money on a daily basis.


What are some popular survey sites that pay daily?

InboxDollars is a well-known survey site that offers daily payment for completing online surveys. Other popular survey sites include Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Toluna.

How can I find editing or proofreading jobs that pay daily?

Online platforms like Upwork and Fiverr provide opportunities for freelance editors and proofreaders to find jobs that offer daily or weekly pay. You can set your own rates and schedule and receive payment through direct deposit.

Are there any virtual assistant jobs available that pay on a daily basis?

Yes, there are virtual assistant jobs available on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork that offer daily payment. As a virtual assistant, you can provide services such as answering calls, managing social media accounts, and data entry.

Which mobile apps provide opportunities for daily pay jobs?

Apps like Rakuten, Field Agent, and Easy Shift offer tasks that pay users for completing various activities such as taking pictures and checking prices in stores. Payment is usually processed within 48 hours.

How can I find freelance writing jobs that pay daily?

Freelance writers can find jobs on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, where they can offer their writing services and invoice clients for their work. Many clients pay through platforms like PayPal, allowing for quick and direct payment.

Which platforms can I use to sell items online and get paid instantly?

Platforms like Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, and Amazon allow you to sell items and receive payment instantly upon making a sale. You can sell items from around the house, homemade items, or sourced items for a profit.

How can I earn money by website testing and receive instant payment?

Websites like PlaytestCloud and offer opportunities for user testing and provide instant payment for your feedback. Some sites allow users to cash out instantly, providing immediate payment for their testing efforts.

Are there any legitimate data entry jobs available that pay on a daily or weekly basis?

Platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, DataPlus+, and DionData Solutions offer data entry jobs that pay either daily or weekly. These jobs require excellent attention to detail and fast typing skills.

How can I earn money through affiliate marketing?

By promoting other companies’ products or services through your online spaces like blogs, vlogs, or social media accounts, you can include affiliate links. You earn a percentage of sales made through those links, providing the potential for high-paying online jobs.

How can I get paid for dog walking tasks on the same day?

Offering dog walking services to local clients and arranging for payment on the same day can provide immediate earnings. Apps like Rover also offer opportunities for dog walking jobs, with payment through PayPal and the option for instant payment.

What are the requirements for becoming a transcriptionist and receiving same-day pay?

As a transcriptionist, you can earn money by listening to audio and typing out the contents. Finding clients who pay through PayPal allows for invoicing and immediate payment upon completing the transcription work.

How can I earn money as an UberEats driver and receive instant pay?

Becoming an UberEats driver allows you to earn money by delivering food to customers’ homes. UberEats provides multiple payment options, including weekly direct deposit and Fast Pay, which allows drivers to cash out their earnings on a daily basis, with a small transfer fee.

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