How To Make Money On Shopify: Step-by-Step Guide (2024)

how to make money on shopify

Shopify powers over 1.2 million online stores worldwide. This e-commerce website builder is a top choice for entrepreneurs. They use it to start online businesses and make money.

If you’re curious about how to make money on Shopify, you’re in the right spot. This guide will show you different ways to use Shopify for success. Let’s talk about building a winning online business and making money.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a Shopify store to upload and manage products, process payments, and access additional features like detailed sales reports.
  • Set up a dropshipping business by installing third-party apps, connecting with suppliers, and listing products on your website.
  • Monetize your social media presence by becoming an influencer and earning commissions through Shopify Collabs.
  • Sell print-on-demand products using Shopify apps that facilitate the design and sale of various customizable items.
  • Reach a broader audience by selling handmade goods on Shopify, both on your own website and on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Create a Shopify store

Shopify is a trusted platform for building an e-commerce website. It’s user-friendly and packed with advanced features. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Shopify helps you succeed in e-commerce.

Starting a Shopify store is easy and doesn’t need coding. In a few clicks, your store is ready to show products and attract customers. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Sign up for Shopify: Go to the Shopify website and create an account. You’ll share some info about your business.
  2. Choose a theme: Shopify has many themes to make your store look good. Pick one that fits your brand and draws in your audience.
  3. Add products: After setting up, add your products. Shopify’s interface lets you upload images, write descriptions, and set prices easily.
  4. Manage inventory: With Shopify, keep track of your inventory to avoid running out. Set up alerts for when stock is low.
  5. Process payments: Processing payments safely is key. Shopify works with different gateways to make checkout smooth for your customers.
  6. Customize your store: Make your store stand out by customizing it. Change fonts, colors, and the store’s design as you like.
  7. Optimize for SEO: Use keywords to draw in more visitors. Shopify’s built-in SEO tools can help improve your store’s search ranking.

Setting up your Shopify store is the beginning. Keep working hard. Market your products and connect with customers. Keep improving your store to increase sales. With smart strategies and knowing your audience, you can create a successful business with Shopify.

Set up a dropshipping business

Dropshipping is a popular way to run an online business without inventory. With Shopify, starting a dropshipping business is easy. You can find and list products using third-party apps.

Eliminate inventory management

Dropshipping takes away the need for warehouse space and managing stock. This lets you focus on making sales. You can grow your business without worrying about orders and inventory.

Connect with dropshipping suppliers

Shopify has many third-party apps to connect you with dropshipping suppliers. These apps make it easy to add products, update stock, and set prices. Some top apps are Oberlo, Spocket, and Modalyst.

Source a variety of products

With dropshipping, you can offer many products to your customers. This includes fashion, beauty, home goods, and electronics. You can pick products from different suppliers. This helps you meet the needs of various customers.

List products on your website

After picking your products, you can list them on your Shopify store. Shopify has tools and templates to help. You can make product listings that show the benefits of each item.

Having a good website is key to attracting and keeping customers. Use great product descriptions and images. This helps your search engine ranking and improves shopping for customers.

Manage orders and fulfillment

When someone buys from your site, the order goes straight to the supplier. The supplier then sends the product to the customer. This smooth process lets you focus on customer service and marketing.

Analytics and optimization

Shopify gives you tools to see how your business is doing. You can track sales, see what customers do, and find ways to sell more. This helps your dropshipping business grow.

Starting a dropshipping business with Shopify and third-party apps has lots of benefits. You won’t have to manage stock or deal with inventory. You can work with trusted suppliers. Dropshipping with Shopify is a great chance for anyone starting out.

Monetize your social media presence

As an influencer, you can earn money from your social media. Shopify is introducing Shopify Collabs for influencers. This program lets you earn by recommending products to your followers.

Working with brands on Shopify Collabs lets you make interesting content. This might be reviews, how-tos, or fun uses for products. When followers buy through your link, you get paid.

Benefits of influencer marketing on Shopify

Influencer marketing on Shopify has perks:

  1. Increased revenue: Promote products and make extra cash along with your content.
  2. Authenticity and trust: Followers believe your recommendations, boosting sales.
  3. New product discovery: You can show your followers new items they might love.

To join Shopify Collabs, apply for early access on their site. If chosen, you’ll partner with big brands and get Shopify’s support to grow your income.

Maximizing your influencer marketing efforts

Keep these tips in mind with Shopify Collabs:

Focus on your niche: Pick brands and products that fit your style and audience.

Create compelling content: Use great photos, videos, or text to highlight product perks.

Be transparent: Tell your audience about your brand partnerships to keep trust.

These steps and your social media can increase your success and money on Shopify.

Wondering about potential earnings from Shopify influencer marketing? See this table:

Number of Followers Average Commission Rate Monthly Earnings
10,000 10% $1,000
50,000 12% $6,000
100,000 15% $15,000
500,000 18% $90,000

Note: Earnings can change based on engagement, niche, and brand deals.

Sell print-on-demand products

Selling print-on-demand products is a great way to make money with your Shopify store. You can use Shopify apps to design and sell items like t-shirts and mugs. This method doesn’t require you to manage inventory or handle shipping.

Print-on-demand lets you create one-of-a-kind designs for various products. This way, you can meet many customer interests and tastes. It’s a chance to be creative and cater to different people.

It’s vital to pick dependable suppliers when you begin. This ensures your products are of high quality. Good suppliers offer a range of items, top-notch printing, and great service. High-quality products make customers happy and encourage them to buy again.

Benefits of selling print-on-demand products:

  • No inventory: You don’t need to keep any stock. Products are printed and sent as ordered, saving you from managing inventory.
  • Low upfront cost: Starting to sell these products doesn’t require much money. You only pay for production and shipping when an order is made.
  • Flexible designs: You can test out various designs for different customers or trends. It’s easy to change your designs based on what people want.
  • Expand product offering: There’s a wide range of items you can sell, allowing you to regularly offer new things. This keeps your store interesting for everyone.

To start selling on Shopify, check out apps like Printful, Printify, or CustomCat. These apps integrate with your store smoothly. They make it easy to add designs, list products, and handle orders.

Selling print-on-demand is a rewarding business. It blends creativity with a safe business approach. With exciting designs, reliable suppliers, and smart marketing, you can make your online Shopify business a success.

Create clear, attractive product listings with good descriptions and visuals. Correct sizing info helps too. This way, customers know what they are buying, lowering returns or exchanges.

Keep an eye on what buyers say to make your products and service better. Staying in touch with trends and creating standout products can win you a dedicated following and boost sales.

Sell handmade goods

If you’re crafty and make things by hand, Shopify is a great way to sell them. You can use your website or social media like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Shopify helps you reach lots of people easily.

Shopify lets you show off your handmade items in a store that’s all about your style. Use great photos and stories to grab people’s attention. Shopify makes managing orders and getting paid easy. So, you can keep making great stuff.

Shopify works well with Etsy, where lots of crafty people sell their work. By linking Shopify with Etsy, you can meet even more people who love handmade items. This lets you keep everything in order and be seen by more shoppers.

Selling on Social Media Platforms

Shopify and social media are a perfect match for selling handmade things. Social media lets you talk directly to people who might buy your stuff.

Linking Shopify with social media makes shopping fun for your followers. On Instagram, you can tag items so people can buy them right from your posts. Facebook Shop lets you set up a shop and chat with customers.

Teaming up with TikTok gives you a new way to find buyers. You can link to your Shopify store on your TikTok page and make videos that lead people to shop. TikTok is perfect for showing off what makes your items special.

To wrap it up, Shopify is a powerful tool for selling handmade items. It works with Etsy and social media to help you find more buyers. Start selling your unique items today and see how far your crafty business can go with Shopify.

Sell digital products and downloads

The digital age is booming, and so is the demand for digital items. Shopify helps you enter this profitable area. You can sell e-books, patterns, templates, and more.

Selling digital items means no worries about inventory or shipping. Digital downloads are instant for customers. This cuts costs and makes selling easier.

Shopify has apps to help sell digital items. These apps integrate with your store smoothly. So, managing your digital files becomes easy.

No Inventory Worries, No Shipping Hassles

Forget about storage space or shipping logistics with digital products. This means great chances for entrepreneurs. Authors, designers, photographers can earn by selling their work online.

Shopify also lets you offer custom services with your digital items. For instance, logo design, website templates, or custom digital artwork. This way, you meet your customers’ unique needs.

Shopify’s digital product features have been a game-changer for me. As a photographer, I no longer stress about print costs or shipping. I just upload my images for instant sale. It’s amazing!

– Sarah Thompson, Professional Photographer

Easy Management and Secure Delivery

Shopify offers a user-friendly way to manage digital products. You can track sales and understand customer needs better. Decision-making becomes more data-driven.

It also ensures secure delivery of your downloads. Only buyers can access them. So, your products stay exclusive and valuable.

Building Trust and Establishing Credibility

Trust and credibility are key in selling digital items. Customers need to feel secure in their purchases. And they want high-quality products.

Adding customer reviews and testimonials can help. Encourage happy customers to share their experiences. This can influence others to buy.

In conclusion, Shopify is great for selling digital products. Use it to make money from your talents and creativity. With the right approach, you can create a successful online business. You’ll reach customers all over the world.

Sell thrifted or vintage goods

Do you love finding unique items no one else has? You can turn this passion into a profitable business online. Using Shopify, selling your thrifted or vintage collection to many is easy.

Reselling these items is more than a business. It’s a chance to support sustainability and revive pre-loved items. Shopify makes it easy to connect with buyers on big platforms like Depop, Poshmark, eBay, Facebook, and Instagram.

By offering your finds on Shopify and these platforms, you grow your reach. You can share the unique stories of each item. This connects you with buyers who love the history and charm of your finds.

Shopify lets you set up enticing product listings. Use great photos and detailed descriptions. Highlight why your item is special to attract buyers.

It doesn’t matter if your passion is for retro clothes, old home decor, antiques, or collectibles. Shopify gives you the tools to display your products well. You can even choose themes and apps from the Shopify App Store to make your online shop attract.

With Shopify, handling your stock and sales is simple. Use their inventory system to keep things organized. This ensures a smooth process for you and your buyers.

Tap into the Thriving Vintage Market

More people now want thrifted and vintage goods for their uniqueness and sustainability. Shopify and other platforms help you reach these vintage lovers. This way, you build a dedicated group of customers.

“Selling thrifted or vintage goods allows you to offer customers something truly special. Each item has a story, adding a sense of nostalgia and individuality that resonates with buyers.” – Nicole, Vintage Seller

Start your vintage business now. Share your love for unique treasures with the world. Enjoy the excitement of finding special items. Then, show them off on Shopify and other big platforms.

Help other business owners set up online stores

Do you know how to use Shopify well? Offer your services to help business owners set up online stores. As a Shopify developer, create great e-commerce websites for clients with your platform knowledge.

Work with web development companies or freelance platforms to show off your Shopify skills. This lets you meet business owners who need help setting up their online shops.

How Can I Become a Shopify Partner?

Becoming a Shopify Partner is a great way to be seen as a trusted Shopify expert. You get access to tools and support as a Shopify Partner. This helps you grow your business and serve your clients better.

  1. Apply to become a Shopify Partner on the Shopify website.
  2. Complete the partner registration process and agree to the terms.
  3. Showcase your skills and portfolio to attract potential clients.
  4. Work with clients to understand what they need and aim for.
  5. Help set up their online stores, including making it look unique, adding products, and setting up payments.
  6. Offer ongoing help and care to make sure their e-commerce works well.

Shopify Partner

Benefits of Being a Shopify Partner

There are many perks to being a Shopify Partner:

1. Industry Recognition: Build your reputation as a skilled Shopify expert.

2. Access to Exclusive Resources: Gain special information, early feature access, and partner-only resources.

3. Revenue Opportunities: Earn money by helping clients start their online stores.

4. Collaborative Community: Meet and learn from other Shopify Partners in a friendly group.

Marketing and Promoting Your Services

Ready to assist with online stores? Market your services well. Here are tips:

  • Make a professional site or portfolio to display your work and expertise.
  • Use social media to talk to potential clients and share helpful tips.
  • Give away free things like e-books or webinars to attract and teach your audience.
  • Team up with e-commerce influencers or experts to reach more people.
  • Go to events and conferences to meet and connect with potential clients.

Use these marketing methods and your Shopify skills. You’ll bring in clients and become a trusted pro for online store setup.

Service Offerings Percentage of Shopify Partners
Store Setup and Customization 80%
Theme Development and Customization 65%
App Development and Integration 50%
Ongoing Support and Maintenance 75%

Develop a Shopify app or theme

If you know how to program, you have a big chance to make money. You can create a Shopify app or theme that solves problems for Shopify users. This can help you reach a lot of online businesses wanting to improve their e-commerce sites.

Start by learning about the Shopify App Store. This is where you can show and sell your app or theme to the world. It’s a place that lets you reach many customers and make money from your work.

Creating a Shopify app or theme takes skill and hard work. Keep in mind, your success relies on making things Shopify users need. Here are some important tips:


Before you begin, research is key. Look at what’s already on the Shopify App Store. Find needs that aren’t met yet. Knowing what merchants need and following trends will help you make something they’ll love.


It’s very important that your app or theme is easy to use. It should make the Shopify experience better for everyone. Focus on making it simple and intuitive. This can make you stand out and draw more users.


Think about what special functions your app or theme can have. Ask yourself: What cool things can I add? Maybe you can help with analytics, orders, or making things look good. Aim to solve problems for Shopify users and add value.

Testing and Improvement

Testing your app or theme well is a must. This ensures it works great and is easy for users to enjoy. Get feedback from early users and improve it based on what they say. Keeping it updated keeps you ahead in the fast-changing world of e-commerce.

Marketing is key to your success, too. Use online marketing, social media, and SEO to get noticed. You can also work with Shopify bloggers or other apps to reach more people.

Making a Shopify app or theme can bring in good money. But, it does require lots of time, effort, and know-how. By offering a great solution, focusing on what users need, and marketing well, you can achieve success in the Shopify world.

Pros Cons
Ability to tap into a large market of Shopify merchants worldwide Requires technical expertise and coding skills
Potential for recurring revenue through app sales or theme licensing Significant upfront investment of time and effort
Opportunity to create innovative solutions and address specific merchant needs Competition in the Shopify App Store can be fierce
Possibility of forming partnerships with other Shopify apps or influencers Marketing and promotion efforts are necessary to gain visibility

Despite challenges, dedication and creativity can lead to a great product. Understand Shopify merchants’ needs well. You can make something both valuable and profitable. Start exploring now and see the opportunities in the Shopify ecosystem.

Become a Shopify Affiliate

Do you have a website and know about e-commerce? Becoming a Shopify Affiliate is a great way to make extra money. When someone signs up for Shopify through your referral, you get paid.

You can use your e-commerce skills to make cool content that promotes Shopify. This could be through a blog, a YouTube channel, or on social media. By doing this, you help others learn why Shopify is great for online businesses.

As an affiliate, you get a special link that keeps track of your referrals. You can put this link in your content. This way, you can promote Shopify and help your audience too. If you’re talking about Shopify, sharing success stories, or giving guides, you can point to Shopify as the top choice.

To be really successful as a Shopify Affiliate, try these ideas:

  1. Make detailed guides and tutorials about how Shopify works.
  2. Talk about successful businesses that use Shopify.
  3. Share what you know from your own Shopify experience.
  4. Answer audience questions in live sessions or webinars.

Success means building trust with your audience. Offering helpful and honest content sets you up as a trusted e-commerce voice.

If you create content and want to earn money while helping others start their online businesses, think about becoming a Shopify Affiliate. This is your chance to earn and support entrepreneurs!

“Becoming a Shopify Affiliate has been a great choice for me as a content creator. I’ve made extra income and helped future business owners. It’s been beneficial for everyone involved!” – Jessica, creator of The E-Commerce Corner

Benefits of becoming a Shopify Affiliate Requirements to join
1. Earn commission on each successful referral 1. Active website or content creation platform
2. Access to a wide range of promotional materials and resources 2. E-commerce experience
3. Exclusive insights into upcoming features and updates 3. Genuine interest in promoting Shopify

Tips for making money on Shopify

There are key tips for making money on Shopify. These strategies can help you build a profitable online business. They attract customers who want to buy your products or services.

Find Your Niche

Success on Shopify starts with finding your niche. Identify a product or market you love and that can make money. Doing this lets you create a unique selling point and beat the competition.

Provide Clear Product Descriptions

Writing clear and compelling product descriptions is key. Take time to write detailed descriptions that showcase the benefits of your products. Adding keywords helps improve SEO and your visibility online.

Offer Excellent Customer Service

Great customer service is crucial for your Shopify store’s success. Answer customer questions quickly. Be helpful and friendly. Making the purchasing process easy improves customer experience. Happy customers often come back and tell others about your store.

Be Open to Making Changes Based on Customer Behavior

Watch how customers behave and adjust your strategies. Use tools to track what customers like. Try new marketing ideas, products, and pricing to make your store better.

Differentiate Your Store

Many Shopify stores exist, so make yours stand out. Focus on what makes your products or services special. Use high-quality visuals and tell compelling stories. A strong brand identity can set you apart.

Understand Your Target Audience

Learn what your target audience needs and wants. Do market research and listen to customer feedback. Be active on social media. This helps you tailor your marketing, products, and customer service to meet their needs and boost sales.

Following these tips can help you succeed and earn money on Shopify. Be patient and always look to learn and adapt. This helps you stay ahead of competitors and meet your customers’ changing needs.

Tips for Making Money on Shopify
Find Your Niche
Provide Clear Product Descriptions
Offer Excellent Customer Service
Be Open to Making Changes Based on Customer Behavior
Differentiate Your Store
Understand Your Target Audience

How to start a dropshipping business

Starting a dropshipping business takes dedication and careful planning. You must follow a detailed plan. This plan should cover niche choice, studying competitors, finding suppliers, creating an e-commerce store, and choosing a business structure.

Choosing a Profitable Niche

Finding the right niche is key for a dropshipping business. It should be something people want and can make money. Do deep market research to understand what people are looking for. Pick a niche you’re passionate about for an edge over others.

Competitive Research

Look at your competitors closely to see what they’re doing. Learn from their product choices, pricing, and how they market. This will help you stand out, find innovative ideas, and make your offering unique.

Finding Reliable Dropshipping Suppliers

Having good suppliers is crucial for success. Make sure they’re dependable, offer quality products, and great customer service. With reliable suppliers, your product delivery will be smooth which keeps your customers happy.

Building an E-commerce Store

Make your online store appealing and easy to navigate. Use platforms like Shopify that don’t need you to know coding. Customize your site to fit your brand and meet customer needs.

Deciding on a Business Structure

Pick the right legal structure for your business. This could be a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or an LLC. Talk to a legal expert to understand the pros and cons of each. This helps you match your business goals with the right structure.


Making money on Shopify needs hard work, good research, and a smart plan. You can try many ways to earn, like selling things, starting a dropshipping store, using your social media, selling on-demand prints, and more. This gives you a big chance to make a successful online shop and earn money.

To succeed, using smart marketing is key. This includes working with influencers through programs like Shopify Collabs, selling your own creations, offering digital items, and reselling unique finds. By offering different things, you’ll attract more customers.

It’s crucial to keep improving your business with customer feedback and trends. Make your shop different, share clear item details, give great customer service, and always work on getting better. This helps you beat competitors and keep customers coming back.

To wrap it up, Shopify offers lots of resources and chances for you. With good planning, staying on it, and knowing who you’re selling to, you can grow a big e-commerce store. And reach your money goals.


How can I make money on Shopify?

You can earn money on Shopify in many ways. You can sell items, start dropshipping, use your social media, sell print-on-demand goods, and much more.

How do I create a Shopify store?

First, sign up for a Shopify account and pick a plan. Then, customize your store, upload products, and arrange payment and shipping.

How can I set up a dropshipping business on Shopify?

Install third-party apps to find suppliers for dropshipping on Shopify. This way, you can sell products without keeping them in stock.

How can I monetize my social media presence on Shopify?

Use Shopify Collabs to make money from your social media. You can earn by suggesting products to your followers.

How can I sell print-on-demand products on Shopify?

Use Shopify apps to sell custom items like t-shirts and mugs. This lets you sell without handling inventory or shipping.

Can I sell handmade goods on Shopify?

Yes, you can sell your handmade items. You can list them on your site and social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Can I sell digital products and downloads on Shopify?

Yes, Shopify has apps for selling digital items. You can sell things like e-books and patterns without worrying about stock.

Can I sell thrifted or vintage goods on Shopify?

Yes, you can sell thrifted items on Shopify. Connect your store with sites like Depop and eBay to sell your goods.

How can I help other business owners set up their online stores on Shopify?

If you know Shopify well, you can help others set up their stores. Offer your services on freelance websites or team up with web companies.

Can I develop a Shopify app or theme and sell it?

With coding skills, you can make a Shopify app or theme and sell it. Earn money from sales or licenses.

How can I become a Shopify Affiliate?

Apply to be a Shopify Affiliate if you create content and know e-commerce. You get commission when your referrals sign up for Shopify.

What are some tips for making money on Shopify?

Find your special area, give clear product details, and provide great service. Pay attention to customers to grow your online business. Knowing your audience well is vital.

How do I start a dropshipping business on Shopify?

To start, choose a good niche and research competitors. Find suppliers you can trust. Build your store, decide on a business type, and plan your marketing. Always look for ways to better your store.

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