How To Make Money With Shopify: Step-by-Step Guide (2024)

how to make money with shopify

Did you know Shopify powers over 1.7 million businesses globally? It’s a top choice for entrepreneurs diving into online retail. No matter if you’re starting or seasoned in business, Shopify has tools to help you earn.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shopify is an e-commerce platform with over 1.7 million businesses worldwide.
  • There are numerous ways to make money with Shopify, from creating your own online store to offering services as a Shopify expert.
  • Key factors for success on Shopify include finding your niche, providing excellent customer service, and adapting to market changes.
  • By following this step-by-step guide and implementing the tips provided, you can increase your chances of making money on Shopify and achieving e-commerce success.
  • Explore the various opportunities Shopify offers and discover how you can turn your passion into a profitable online business.

Create a Shopify Store

Looking to start an e-commerce site? Shopify is a top choice for your online store. It lets you set up a sleek, user-friendly website. Here, you can show off your items and make sales.

Shopify’s pricing is flexible, helping you find what works for your business. The Basic Plan starts at $29 a month. It has everything to start your store, like adding unlimited products and handling sales with Shopify Payments.

Need more features? Shopify has higher plans too. These offer things like in-person sales and deep sales analysis. They help you boost your store’s abilities.

Shopify Pricing Overview

Plan Monthly Cost Features
Basic $29 Unlimited products, inventory management, Shopify Payments
Shopify $79 Gift cards, professional reports
Advanced Shopify $299 Advanced report builder, third-party calculated shipping rates

You can upgrade or downgrade as your business changes. Shopify’s flexibility is great for any size business.

Shopify is easy to use and has tons of themes and support. It’s perfect for new or experienced entrepreneurs. Shopify gives you the tools for a winning online store.

With Shopify, elevate your business and connect with customers everywhere. Kick off your e-commerce adventure by building your Shopify store today.

Set Up a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a way to start an online business easily. You won’t have to deal with stock. Instead, focus on marketing and handling customers. Shopify offers tools for creating a dropshipping store.

How Does Dropshipping Work?

You put products in your online store and promote them. After getting an order, you tell your dropshipping suppliers. They handle the shipping to the customer. So, you don’t need to stress over inventory.

Dropshipping has many benefits. It’s low cost to start and lets you sell many products without a big storage area. Plus, it’s easy to grow your business quickly.

Finding Dropshipping Suppliers

Shopify helps you find good dropshipping suppliers with apps. You can add products to your store from their catalogs. Popular apps include Oberlo, Spocket, and Modalyst.

It’s important to pick suppliers with great products and fast shipping. Do your homework and read reviews to choose the best. Good relationships with suppliers help your business succeed.

Launching Your Dropshipping Store

To start your store, first, get a Shopify account and pick a theme. Make sure it fits your brand. Then, add products with details and set prices from your suppliers. Finally, set up payments and shipping to make buying easy.

  1. Create a Shopify account and select a theme for your store. Customize the design to align with your brand identity.
  2. Add products to your store using the imported listings from your dropshipping suppliers. Ensure that product information, descriptions, and pricing are accurate and compelling.
  3. Set up payment gateways to enable seamless transactions with customers. Shopify offers a range of payment options, including PayPal, credit cards, and more.
  4. Configure shipping settings to reflect the prices and policies provided by your dropshipping suppliers. Transparency about shipping costs and delivery times is vital for a positive customer experience.
  5. Optimize your store for search engines by adding relevant keywords, meta tags, and descriptions to improve organic visibility.
  6. Implement marketing strategies such as social media advertising, content marketing, and search engine optimization to drive traffic and generate sales.

With these steps and Shopify apps, you can manage a successful dropshipping business. Stay focused and strategic for success.

Monetize Your Social Media Presence

Today, social media lets influencers connect with fans in powerful ways. With the Shopify Collabs program, you can make money from your social media. This turns it into a great business chance.

Influencer marketing is very popular now. Shopify leads this trend with its Collabs program. By using Shopify Collabs, you can make money by showing your followers products you like. You get a commission when they buy something.

Shopify Collabs is being worked on right now. But, influencers can sign up early. If you get into Shopify Collabs, you can work with cool brands. You’ll get free stuff and make content that your followers will love.

You don’t need your own products to join Shopify Collabs. Just promote the brands you work with. You’ll earn money for every sale from your referral link.

There are other ways to earn with your social media and Shopify. If you have a website and know e-commerce, think about becoming a Shopify Affiliate. As an affiliate, you can earn $150 for each person that signs up for Shopify with your link.

Becoming a Shopify Affiliate is a smart move if you know e-commerce. You can share your skills, help others, and guide them in using Shopify for their online stores.

Working with Shopify, you can make money from your social media. You can do influencer marketing or affiliate marketing. Your work can turn into a big business.

The Benefits of Monetizing Your Social Media Presence

Using Shopify to make money on social media has lots of perks:

  1. Earn money in your sleep through commissions
  2. Work with brands you love and share products you believe in
  3. Get free stuff to try and talk about
  4. Talk more with your followers and get closer to them
  5. Become a big name online and a leader in what you think

How to Get Started

Here’s how to start making money on Shopify with your social media:

  1. Sign up early for Shopify Collabs. Talk about how many followers you have. Share how much they engage with you.
  2. If you know e-commerce and have a website, try to become a Shopify Affiliate. Show off your e-commerce wins.
  3. When you’re in Shopify Collabs or an Affiliate, learn about Shopify. Understand how to use your referral links.
  4. Make cool content for the brands you work with. Be real when you suggest stuff to make your followers trust you.
  5. Show off your content on your social media. Use your followers to get more traffic and sales.
  6. Use the Shopify dashboard to watch your sales and money. Keep improving your work to make more money.

Maximizing Your Success as a Shopify Influencer or Affiliate

To do really well as a Shopify influencer or affiliate, remember:

  • Consistency: Keep talking to your followers and sharing stuff they like.
  • Authenticity: Only suggest brands and products you truly like.
  • Quality Content: Spend time making good content that highlights why products are great.
  • Engagement: Talk back to comments and messages. This makes your followers feel part of a community.
  • Continuous Learning: Always learn about new influencer and affiliate marketing tips.

By using these tips and Shopify’s programs, you can make your social media into a big business.

Benefits of Monetizing Your Social Media Presence Tips for Maximizing Success as a Shopify Influencer or Affiliate
Opportunity to earn passive income Consistency: Regularly engage with your audience and provide valuable content
Collaboration with brands you love Authenticity: Be genuine and only promote products you believe in
Access to free products and collaborations Quality Content: Invest in creating high-quality content that showcases product benefits
Enhanced engagement with your audience Engagement: Respond to comments and messages, fostering a sense of community
Establish yourself as an influential thought leader Continuous Learning: Stay updated on the latest trends and strategies

Sell Print-on-Demand Products

Print-on-demand is great for graphic artists to share their work. They can use Shopify apps for this purpose. Artists can sell items like T-shirts, mugs, and pillows.

When an order is made, a third-party company makes and ships the product. This is done without the artist needing to handle the product.

Artists should try out products first to check their quality. They can look at the print, fabric, and how well it’s made. This way, they know if the vendor is a good fit for them.

Print-on-demand lets artists earn from their designs without stress. With Shopify apps, they create art. Vendors handle making and sending out products.

Print-on-demand can turn an artist’s passion into a money-making business. Shopify gives artists tools to show their art to the world.

Benefits of Selling Print-on-Demand Products on Shopify Drawing Attention with Unique Designs Maximizing Profit Margins
1. Low upfront costs: Print-on-demand eliminates the need for inventory, reducing financial risks. 1. Stand out from the competition by offering exclusive, eye-catching designs. 1. Artists have control over pricing, allowing them to set their desired profit margins.
2. Wide product range: Shopify apps offer a variety of print-on-demand products to choose from. 2. Establish a unique brand identity that resonates with customers. 2. Artists can adjust pricing based on market demand and trends.
3. Hassle-free fulfillment: Vendors handle inventory management, printing, and shipping. 3. Regularly release new designs to keep customers engaged and coming back for more. 3. Shopify’s robust reporting tools help artists monitor sales and identify top-performing products.

Sell Handmade Goods

If you love making unique crafts, Shopify is a great place to sell them. It can help you turn your hobby into a successful online business. Whether it’s jewelry, ceramics, textiles, or something else, Shopify gives you what you need to start and grow.

One big plus of using Shopify is being able to market on social media. You can use Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to post beautiful photos and talk to potential buyers. This helps bring more people to your online store.

Shopify also works well with Etsy, a top site for handmade and vintage items. You can link your Shopify and Etsy shops. This lets you reach more customers who love unique crafts.

This combination of social media and Etsy can boost your sales. Shopify’s easy tools make managing your crafts simple. Selling your handmade goods online gets much easier.

Benefits of Selling Handmade Goods on Shopify:

  • Access to a global customer base
  • Integration with popular social media platforms
  • Opportunity to reach craft enthusiasts on Etsy
  • Flexible customization options for your online store
  • Secure payment processing and order management
  • Tools for tracking inventory and managing product variations
  • Comprehensive analytics to monitor your store’s performance
Platforms Price Features
Basic Plan $29 per month Access to essential features
Shopify Plan $79 per month Additional features like gift cards and professional reports
Advanced Plan $299 per month Advanced features for scaling your business

Sell Digital Products and Downloads

Shopify is a great place to sell your digital work. Authors, artists, and service providers can all benefit. Shopify makes it easy to reach lots of people and earn money from digital products. Its platform is easy to use and full of helpful apps.

Create a Diverse Range of Digital Products

You can sell many types of digital products. This includes e-books, art, music, software, and more. You can share your knowledge or artistry. Digital downloads let you earn passive income.

Seamless Sale and Delivery Process with Shopify Apps

Shopify has apps to help sell digital products smoothly. The Shopify Digital Downloads app is a great example. It’s made by Shopify. This app lets you sell and deliver digital products easily after someone buys them. You can make buying from you a great experience.

Shopify’s app store also has other apps for selling digital items. These apps let you bundle products, upsell, and send custom emails. They help you sell more and keep customers happy. With these tools, selling and marketing online is easier.

Customize Communication with Customers

Talking to customers is key after they buy from your Shopify store. You can send them special emails. These emails can confirm orders, share download links, and more info. This makes customers happy and keeps them coming back.

Top Shopify Apps for Selling Digital Products

App Price Key Features
Shopify Digital Downloads Free Secure delivery of digital products, customizable email templates
Sell Downloads $4.99/month Automatic delivery, customizable download pages
Digital Products Free plan available Unlimited downloads, customizable product pages

Selling digital products on Shopify is a big chance for creatives and service folks. Shopify’s platform, special apps, and ways to talk to customers help you. You can start a profitable digital product business. Start selling and make the most of the online world.

Sell Thrifted or Vintage Goods

Reselling thrifted or vintage goods is a popular and green business idea. You get to revive special and sought-after items and make money. With Shopify, selling your finds online is easy, reaching many potential buyers.

Shopify connects smoothly with different online selling sites. You can grow your business and sell more. By using third-party apps, list your items on Depop, Poshmark, and eBay. This way, managing your stock on many sites is easier.

Shopify also works well with Facebook and Instagram. This gives you more ways to meet buyers. Use social media to show off your thrifted or vintage items and talk to your followers. Shopify helps link your store to your social profiles, boosting visits and sales.

Selling thrifted or vintage goods on Shopify lets you enter a market that loves unique and eco-friendly finds. Whether you adore fashion, home decor, or quirky collectibles, there’s a special spot for your items. Start finding those treasures, list them on Shopify, and see your business grow.

Help Other Business Owners Set Up Online Stores

If you’re good with Shopify, you have a skill others need. You can help them start their online stores. By doing so, you guide them through creating an e-commerce site. This ensures their online success.

There are many ways to help set up Shopify stores. You can list your services on freelancer websites. Here, business owners find pros like you to build their online store.

Or, work with web development firms focused on Shopify. This lets you reach more clients by offering your Shopify skills through them.

Becoming a Shopify Partner is another path. This role lets you tackle all store-building tasks. You’ll handle design, payments, and make shopping easy for customers.

Ways to Help Other Business Owners Set Up Online Stores Advantages
Advertise as a Shopify developer on freelancer-for-hire websites • Connect with a diverse range of clients
• Showcase your expertise to a wider audience
Partner with web development companies • Leverage existing client base
• Collaborate with experts in the field
Become a Shopify Partner • Assist with building, migrating, and troubleshooting stores
• Access to exclusive resources and support

You can charge a set fee or a percentage of sales for your services. Think about what works best for you and your clients. Use your business model as a guide.

Helping with online stores lets you use your Shopify skills well. It also supports others in the e-commerce world.

Shopify expertise

Develop a Shopify App or Theme

If you know how to code, consider making a Shopify app or theme. E-commerce is booming, so there’s a big need for new tools. Making an app or theme could let you earn money and help Shopify merchants.

Creating a Shopify app lets you add new features for store owners. You could make something for tracking inventory, linking to social media, or automating marketing. Solving a common problem can bring you customers and steady income.

If you love design, making Shopify themes may be for you. A great theme can make a store look amazing and work better. By creating themes that look good and are easy to use, you serve many different merchants.

Your app or theme could gain lots of attention. Once it’s in the Shopify App Store, many merchants could discover it. This could lead to more customers and regular income for you.

Making an app or theme is profitable but involves work. You must build it well and follow Shopify’s rules. You might also have to pay for some things, like keeping your app or theme up-to-date.

Before your app or theme goes live, Shopify must approve it. They check to make sure it’s high quality and useful. Once it passes, you can start making money from your work.

Making a Shopify app or theme is very rewarding. It lets you use your coding or design skills to help the Shopify world and make money. If you’re into programming or designing, dive into creating Shopify apps or themes. It’s a chance to truly impact e-commerce and support merchants in their business journey.

Become a Shopify Affiliate

If you create content and have a website with followers, you’ll love the Shopify Affiliate Program. It lets you earn money by sharing a special link to Shopify. Every time someone signs up using your link, you get $150.

This program rewards you for telling people about Shopify. Use your blog, social media, or website to share how great Shopify is. If you’re influential in your field, you can make good money for each person that starts using Shopify because of you.

To join, you need a website with content about online business and a loyal audience. It’s important they trust your suggestions.

When you’re part of the program, you get a special link to share. If someone signs up for Shopify with your link, you earn $150. The more people you refer, the more you can earn. You can see all your earnings and referrals on a special dashboard.

Being a Shopify Affiliate isn’t just about making money. You also help others succeed in their business dreams. You introduce them to the tools Shopify has, which can really make a difference for them.

“Becoming a Shopify Affiliate has been a game-changer for me. Not only am I able to earn a significant income, but I also get to share the platform that has transformed my own e-commerce experience. It’s a win-win situation!” – [Your Name], Shopify Affiliate

Advantages of the Shopify Affiliate Program

Joining the Shopify Affiliate Program has many benefits:

  • Earn Passive Income: As an affiliate, you can earn a steady income. You get $150 for each person who signs up.
  • Flexible Promotion Methods: You can promote Shopify in ways that match your style. Use blog posts, social media, emails, or videos to reach more people.
  • High Conversion Rates: Shopify is a well-known e-commerce platform. This makes it easier for you to get people interested and earn commissions.
  • Access to Resources: Shopify gives you lots of materials to help with your promotions. You’ll have banners, logos, and more to attract referrals.

If you know about e-commerce and have an audience, the Shopify Affiliate Program is great for you. It allows you to use what you know to make money. It’s a chance to grow your income while helping others start their businesses.

Image depicting a content creator working on a laptop, representing the opportunities available through the Shopify Affiliate Program.

Benefits of Joining the Shopify Affiliate Program How It Works
1. Earn passive income 1. Apply to join the Shopify Affiliate Program by filling out the application form on the Shopify website.
2. Flexible promotion methods 2. Once accepted, receive a unique affiliate link to share with your audience.
3. High conversion rates 3. Promote Shopify through various channels, such as your website, blog, or social media platforms.
4. Access to marketing resources 4. Each time someone signs up for a full-price Shopify plan using your affiliate link, you’ll earn $150.

Tips for Making Money on Shopify

To make more money on Shopify, here are some important tips. These will help you succeed in your online business.

Find Your Niche

Finding the right niche is key. It helps you stand out from others. Look for a market that is profitable but lacks your unique offer. Discover what your customers really want.

Write Clear and Detailed Product Descriptions

Good product descriptions attract customers. Be accurate and show how your product helps. This avoids customers being unhappy by knowing exactly what they’re buying.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Trust comes from great customer service. Always be quick and professional in responses. Make contacting you easy for any customer concerns. Always aim to make their shopping experience better.

Be Reactive and Flexible

Change your strategies when needed. Use customer feedback and analytics to improve. Stay on top of trends and try new things. This flexibility can help your business grow.

Always put your customer first. Keep improving your business to stay ahead. The online market changes fast, so stay competitive.


Starting an online business on Shopify opens many doors for earning money. You can create a store or start dropshipping. Selling print-on-demand products is another way. Or, you can work as a Shopify expert. This step-by-step guide helps you boost your chances at making money and doing well in e-commerce.

Shopify’s platform is easy to use. It lets you make your online store stand out. Picking a good niche and writing great product descriptions helps a lot. So does having awesome customer service. Being flexible with market changes helps you grow a successful Shopify business.

To make money on Shopify, you need to work hard and keep improving. Stay up-to-date with trends. Use Shopify’s resources well. With hard work and smart strategies, your business dreams can come true. You can succeed on Shopify.


How can I make money with Shopify?

You can earn with Shopify in many ways. Create a store or set up dropshipping. You might also sell print-on-demand goods or handmade items. Digital products and vintage finds are options too. You can help others start their Shopify stores. Or, develop an app, theme, or join Shopify Affiliate.

How do I create a Shopify store?

Sign up for a Shopify account to start. Then, pick a theme and customize your store. Add products, set up payments and shipping, and go live with your store.

How can I set up a dropshipping business on Shopify?

Use Shopify apps to connect with suppliers for dropshipping. These apps help you find products, list them, and fulfill orders.

How can I monetize my social media presence with Shopify?

Monetize social media with Shopify Collabs and Affiliates. Refer followers to products you love. Promote your Shopify store on social platforms too.

How can I sell print-on-demand products with Shopify?

Sell print-on-demand items using Shopify apps. These apps let you design merchandise and fulfill orders smoothly.

Can I sell handmade goods on Shopify?

Yes, Shopify is great for selling your handmade items. Use social media and platforms like Etsy to boost sales.

How can I sell digital products and downloads on Shopify?

Shopify apps make selling digital items easy. Sell e-books, patterns, and more. These apps handle sales and delivery.

Can I sell thrifted or vintage goods on Shopify?

Yes, thrifted or vintage items sell well on Shopify. Use apps to list on Depop, eBay, and more. Also, integrate with Facebook and Instagram.

How can I help other business owners set up online stores on Shopify?

Use your Shopify skills to help others. Advertise on freelancer sites or partner with web companies. You could also become a Shopify Partner.

Can I develop a Shopify app or theme and sell it?

Indeed, create a Shopify app or theme to sell. Keep most of the sales revenue. Note the cost of development and approval needed.

How can I become a Shopify Affiliate?

If you’ve got a website, audience, and know e-commerce, try the Affiliate Program. Earn 0 per Shopify signup through your link. This is a chance to earn passively.

What are some tips for making money on Shopify?

For Shopify success, find a unique niche. Write clear product descriptions. Offer great customer service. Adapt based on feedback and trends.

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